-Grounding helps with maintaining a balance between our human perspective and the transcendental perspective
            -the intention of grounding is to anchor the soul's consciousness into the physical body.
            -Grounded is our natural state of being. As we grow up and our parents and the society try to civilize us, we internalize the idea that we are nor perfect not deserving of unconditional love, and we choke off the source of life energy that is meant to support us
            - Grounding is a necessary outflow, in contrast to the many inflows of energy into our systems
            - it occurs in the give-and-take of our daily activities. But we might need to use   specific techniques to ground ourselves if we have become over-charged
            - Grounding is absolutely imperative to master if you are interested in spiritual development

Grounding is working with the ground in one way or the other. It is the process whereby we do two things:
1) First, use earth energy to balance ourselves
2) Use grounding to clear unwanted aspects from our energy. Maintain an appropriate energy charge by releasing any energy which would constitute an excessive charge within the systems of the body, emotions, mind, etc. 

 Benefits of grounding.

  1. Be relaxed, mentally and emotionally
  2. Be  relaxed, physically.
  3. Be alert, centered 
  4. Can concentrate mentally.
  5. Feel a warm association with our physical body.
  6. Feel a secure connection to the physical world.
  7. Sense a comfortable connection to other people.

    Body and Spirit connection
                -constitution of man:  between heaven and earth
                            -chakra- inferior and superior
                            -aura- inner and outer - even in shape
                            -hara – 3 centers
                - manifestation- densification-
                -acceptation and collection of vibrational patterns in conflict (high vibration for dense physical body) == stress- internal discord of the body
                -release  of dark sultry energy forces and avoid
                -unconditional love
                -Black and White  are a continuous distribution of colored light coming from earth and  heaven

     Slowing the physical  vibration
                            -Be in the moment, in the here and now, and in a calm relaxed state where there is no fear
                            -Slow down, take slow, deep breathes
                            -contact with our body, our senses
                            -back and chakra alignment- Correction of  bad posture
                            -Cleansing of the auric space
                            -change sensory input (sight, touch, sound, taste, smell – thoughts)
                            -contact with nature (earth, plants, animals etc..)

Grounding and centering

                        -balanced breathing rhythm
                        -deep breathing- Ujjyai
                        -drawing down the prana- white light- from crown to root chakra

                        -body contact: body scanning
                        -3 centers: solar plexus, heart, head    
                        - upper part and lower part
                        -support ( standing, sitting, lying)                                                                

            -spine to sit on the earth and draw energy up the spine will also have a grounding effect.
                        -sushumma- kundalini
                        -antakarana – threads up and down


Chakra 1, Base-Pelvis  Red

Kidney 1- feet


Anchoring Yourself into the Earth

Releasing  ( from emotions, stress, excess of spiritual pactices etc…)

            -dirty energy
            -negative energy
            -excess energy


            -Roots of a tree

            -Water running

Exercises: Yoga , massage



                        -grounding posture
                        -1st chakra- Pelvis

                        -focus on feet and knees

                        -focus on support

                        -scanning the body from the feet
                        -working on lower part of the body
                        -Relaxation, exercise

                        -all body contact massage

                        -foot reflexology

                        -passage of Lower part of the body


Affirmations- Self-talk
For example: "My body feels warm and comfortable." "I am relaxed." "I enjoy being alive." "I enjoy expressing myself in my physical life." "I am calm." "I like to be physically active.")

                        -.Use positive affirmations.
                        - Monitor self talk - change negative to positive
                        -Count down from 10 to 0

Meditation - visualisation

            -meditation exercises that entwine us with the mother earth gives us strength, promotes healing energies

            -meditation simultaneously anchoring to earth and accessing white light
            -entwine/integrate with the essence of  the father’s energy of Heaven and the essence of the Energy of mother Earth
            -meditation of the tree

            - Grounding Cord Meditation

            -breaking through the physical barrier to reclaim personal power
            - Thanks and Blessings
            -create and use mental safe places
Protection:  Know how to seal your aura, use shields, mirrors, cut cords, close access points, and detect intrusions--or get a practitioner to do it for you.  Use prayer and invocations daily for bringing in Light.


Be more aware of food's effect upon our energy and our grounding.
            - root crops: potatoes, beans, carrots, turnips, spices from the tubers or any root crop.  Each provides a different aspect of grounding.
            -ayurvedic diet: Vatas need grounding as they are in the realms of thought so often. Salt is composed of fire and water providing vata with moisture and warmth. Sweet is water and earth and therefore lends moisture and a sense of ground. Sour is made of fire and earth providing warmth and grounding.

- Meat is grounding, especially red meat.  Beets are also grounding.

- Also the act of taking the time to really pay attention to and enjoy your meal- recognizing it for the source of life that it is, makes a terrific grounding exercise.
            - Salt is the grounding element. Salt is a purifier.
            - learn to regulate your blood sugar through diet. Then even if you don't always eat that way you can keep blood sugar levels steady during challenging periods. This is empowering and stabilizing

-garlic, onion, flaxseed, slow burning oils, ghee, butter
            -good mineral supplements ( kelp, honey
            -water, ice water
Astrology and diet:
Earth Constitution (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

                        Water Constitutution (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
bath, shower
            -drinking water
            -splash water on face

Tools: Colours, crystals, essential oils, sounds

            -colours: every colour vibrates at its own aural and visual frequency.
                                    -red- 1st chakra
                                     -black- sum of all the colours and stands for balance,  wholeness and power- restorative

            -stones: Carry a grounding stone with you, stones like Turitella Agate, Turquoise, Tiger eye, or just a nice rock. Many stones will assist in grounding when worn or carried by the user. (Do remember though not to confuse crystals and  other types of stones. Crystals open you up, stones ground you. – grounding stones, protection stones

            -essential oils: orange, lemon, vanilla, from earth essential oils



A good grounding hobby

            -all form of artistic creativity (music, painting, gardening,  making candle etc…)
            -social activities: sports, movies, conversations, dancing,..
            -write, draw, paint to release emotional storms


Remember: It really does not mater how you ground, what is important is that you ground!










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