Psychological associations




Warm, strong, patient , alive, determined, friendly, courageous, vital, assertive

Vital, powerful, warm, cozy, sensual, determined, courageous, assertive, antidressant, angry, impatient

Vitality, strength, power, courage

Exhaustion, coldness of lower limbs, anemia,chronic arthritis, lethargy, low blood pressure


Love, self-nurturing, affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic, universal and selfless love

Emotionnally soothing and calming, gently warming, nurturing, kind, considerate, unselfish loving

Love, kindness, consideration, unselfishness

Soothing, pacifying, emotionally supporting,promotes self-loves, helps  loneliness and grief


Fun, enlivening, practical, humorous, creative, constructive, willing

Warm, secure, glowing, creative, stimulating, fun, enlivening, uplifting, bringing laughter and joy, humorous, independent

Happiness,independence, resourcefulness

Low libido, chronic asthma, phlegm, stiffness,


Logical, intelligent, clear-headed, orderly, happy, light, bright, articulate,forgiving

Uplifting, happy, light, bright,  mentally stimulating, logical, intelligent, orderly, optimism, clear thinking, fearful

Optimism, clarity of thought, knowledge

Nervousness, fear, skin cleanser, stimulating pancreas, stimulating without raising heartbeat


Balanced, efficient, sincere, harmonious, secure, free, contented, sharing

Harmonising, mental and physical relaxation, peaceful, natural, cooling, calming, balancing, sincere, secure, free, contented, sharing, self-control, generous

Balance, harmony, nature, self-control, generosity

Shock, stress, normalizes circulation, indigestion, emotional trauma, normalizes growth of cell


Imaginative,youthful, sparkling, fresh, sensitive, elevating, clean, transformational

Refreshing, cooling, mentally calming, youthful, strngthening concentration and control over speech, and power of communication, confidence

Communication, confidence, power of speech



Peaceful, tranquil, calm, hopeful, faithful, trusting, flexible, reassuring, honest, united, accepting, healing.

Cooling,cleansing, relaxing, mentally calming, bringing peace, tranquillity and wisdom, spacious like teh sea and sky, sensitive, hopeful, faithful, trusting, flexible, reassuring, accepting

Cooling and cleansing, peace, tranquillity and wisdom, spaciousness

Acute pain relief, fevers, burns, sunstroke, depresses heartbeat, calming, acute bronchitis, acute asthma


Dignified, proud, intuitive, gracious, beautiful, modest,valuable, open

Dramatic, spiritual, creative, intuitive, meditative, mystical , inspirational of beauty, and art, protective, cleansing

Inspiration, beauty, art, spirit, Understanding, intuition, meditation, mysticism

Mental and  nervous disorders, strengthens bladder and kidney, regulates potassium balance, control hungers,  cleans blood, good for meditation

  Extracted and arranged from : "The Complete book of colour" , Suzy Chiazzari


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