We are cosmic beings of light, love, music and happiness, 
living on a Living Earth, in a Living Universe.
We are evolving towards unity consciousness
where we experience ourselves as cosmic beings participating 

in the evolution of the universe.

Awakening to this cosmic dimension of ourselves is profoundly restorative.  
With that experience and understanding, we bring healing to ourselves, 
to our human family, to our wounded planet,, 
to our intimate relationship with the living Universe, 
and a new sense of adventure, of experience to the human journey.  

We are an integral part of living and intelligent Universe. 
The Universe wants to live and breathe through us.
To find out the truth of this,  
we need to relate to the Universe, to our alive Universe.

We will know it , by beginning to adopt the following habits:

-talk to the universe, listen for its reply
-Be on intimate terms with Nature
-See the life in everything
-Carry ourself like a child of the Universe, a child of the Cosmos, a child of One God.
-Be One with ourself, One with the Universe, One with the Cosmos, One with God within/without

 Using the techniques of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology , the Vedic Experience 
and an Oecumenical and multidenominational approach
will help us to open ourselves to our cosmic dimension.


Extracted and re-arranged from the foreword of Deepak Chopra , to the “Living Universe”of Duane Elgin

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