-In bones and teeth

-Transport  some substances into or out of cells

-vital for immune system, it is needed by all phagocytic cells, cytotoxic T cells need calcium in order to make enzymes  to attach foreign material

-Milk, milk products, yogurt, cheeses

-Some fish, shrimps,sardines, canned salmon, shellfish, fishstock.

-green leafy vegetables,beetroots,brocolis,cabbage,

-figs, grapes, watermelon,

-cereals, millets, integral rice,

--soy flour, defatted; tofu, miso

-sesame, sesame paste(tahini)


-nuts: almonds, peanuts



-in bones and teeth

-important constituent of cells

-regulates the pH of the blood

-necessary for formation of substances like DNA, RNA, etc

-milk, cheese,

-eggs, fish, meat



-dry fruits, dates





-important constituent of cellular fluid

-required for the metabolism of  carbohydrates and proteins

-helps in the regulation of the blood

-fresh fruits, bananas, apple peelings, , peaches, blueberries, black cherries

- dried apricot, currants, dates, pears, raisins

-apple cider vinegar

-milk, soyamilk


-radishes, cucumbers, escarole,leaf lettuce, olives, parsley, tomatoes

-potatoes, carrots, artchokes, beets, turnips,

-rice bran, rice polishings



-egg white beaten

-almonds, cashews, pecans, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

-anise seeds

-beans, dulses, lentils, lima beans, soyabeans, carotts

-beet greens, broccoli, brussels sprouts,spinach, kale, swiss chard



-constituent of extra-cellular fluids

-in bones



-fish, shellfish

-beetroots, carrots, radishes, asparagus-beets,celery

-beet greens


-dried apricots,

-eggs, meat, fish


-black olives


-in haemoglobin, in red blood cells

-in the liver, speen, bones

-boosts overall resistance to infection

-essential for the production of antibodies, white blood cellsand enzymes

-green leafy vegetables, spinach, parsley





-legumes, lentils



-eggs, meat, animal livers, oysters, fish


-constituent of proteins, and some vitamins

-also required for metabolic processes.


-cabbage, radishes

-garlic, onions,

-milk, meat


-in bones, in cells

-activates many  enzymes

-help a large number of processes.



 green vegetables,

 meat, fish, shellfish

-fruits: orange, figs, grapefruit, apple,

-dried fruits,


-dried legumes


-brocolis, lemon,


-constituent of the secretion of the thyroid gland

-seafoods, fish, shellfish

 -green vegetables,

-radish, onion,


-iodise salt,





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