Spirituality is not religion, though it can bring expansion to a religious life.
Spirituality is not philosophy, though it can enlighten the inquiring mind.
Spirituality is not science, though it can expand the discovery of truth.
One can never be open to flourish spiritually 
as long as one is closed to everything save one’s own beliefs and truth.
And so one will not experience the Presence of the divine Light within
as long as one does not accept the possibility that
one is ONE with ALL !

  We all are seeking
on  WHO WE ARE  and how to be ONE WITH ALL.

We are also spiritual beings
attracted by GOODNESS, by LOVE

  Then explore the experience of Spirituality and the Spiritual Path.


What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the irresistible inner force that drives us, individually and collectively, along with all beings in the Cosmos, to reach out ceaselessly for greater levels of understanding, awareness and betterment of the Cosmos (microcosm and the macrocosm)

We all are seeking KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH on  WHO WE ARE  and how to be ONE WITH ALL.

SPIRITUALITY is a natural and unavoidable development in our evolution as human beings.
This is the central Truth about ourselves and the Universe a Truth shared by the Great Souls of all epochs.

What is the Spiritual Path?

The Spiritual Path is the  Journey of the Soul  to higher consciousness , which passes through the totality of the human experience generating expansion of awareness at every step.

Through time, we eventually arrive to the point where we seek to have a true understanding of ourselves, our world and the nature of the Universe around us. Through this seeking, we inevitably find that there is a Mighty Power within each one of us that can allow us to meet every need and to fulfill every desire, if we could just discover It and understand It.

 Many describe this search for understanding and realization as the SPIRITUAL PATH. It could be called in many ways. The name is of no importance. What matters is that we all are seeking, consciously or unconsciously, to get in touch with the spirit within us.

This spirit within has been described as SOUL, SPIRIT SELF, HIGHER SELF, TRUE SELF or INNER GOD/GODDESS. What matters is that somehow we are sensing, or beginning to sense, that within our own consciousness is the way to our understanding and to the fulfillment of our deepest longings.

This journey within is a natural outcome of our development and evolution as human beings. Sooner or later, every one arrives to this inner path, and everything that we have ever experienced, in this lifetime and in previous ones, will help us to go within and discover the Source of our being.

Human beings have three basic parts: a body, a mind, and a soul. According to most spiritual traditions, the soul is basically dormant in the average person. However, it can be enlivened through various means.


Human structure

-The God within: Mystics of all the ages have united in teaching this fact of the existence and ever-present power of an individual inner god in each human being, as the first principle or primordial energy governing the progress of man out of material life into the spiritual. . . . The inner god in man, the higher Self , is the root of him, whence flow forth in inspiring streams into the psychological apparatus of his constitution all the inspirations of genius, all the urgings to betterment.
This inner god is the "eternal soul" that reincarnates again and again, an inexhaustible fount of life, intelligence, and consciousness.  The inner god is the most enlightened part of us, active when we exercise the finest human qualities: tolerance, love, understanding, and compassion

-The Lower self is associated with opposite qualities, such as self-seeking, narrow-mindedness, a limited view of one's responsibility to others, competition, separateness, and selfish ambition.. While most of us, thankfully, are not completely absorbed in this aspect of ourselves, unfortunately neither are we able to retain the inspiration of the higher self for long periods. We are riding a roller coaster of consciousness between the two extremes, often seeming to have little control over which aspect of our nature is dominant at any time.

Great religious and mystical teachers have pointed out that it is our responsibility as human beings to overcome the temptations and limitations of the lower self and merge our consciousness with the higher self. Many cultures compare this process to polishing a mirror.


Connect with the spirit within:

What do we mean by the inner god, the personal ego, the higher and lower self, and how do they relate to ordinary living?
The Path is a spirit of Love of Divine to be breathed.. It is not about rules, doctrines, precepts, philosophies or sciences.. It is, simply, to be one with the Breath of Love , of God — all wise, all embracing, all mighty

Our only role is to embrace and express the spirit of Love at every moment. Then, all the Wisdom, all the Intelligence and all the Might of the Universe will flow through us as a blessing to all.
Within every human being there is a deep longing to find peace and joy in the human experience.

 However the Path to wholeness: body/mind /spirit is a long path to transform the self into a Self. To grow beyond the little self , we have to deal with the ego. which is a mental construction of the brain . It is simply the bundle of feelings and thoughts that arises when you think about yourself.

Through practice, it is possible to differentiate awareness from this sense of self. When developed appropriately, such an awareness gradually transforms into the soul. Many of the main spiritual practices are aimed at this. In particular, the development of morality along with a deepening ability to concentrate through either prayer or meditation, forms the essence of most spiritual systems.

                        1-Acknowledgement that All is One- One is All and of  the spirit within
                        2-Discernement : negative/positive mind
                        3-Positive thinking- Awareness of the Soul.
                        4-Detachement- integration
                        5-Beyond duality Balance of physic, emotional, mental bodies
                        6-Power of  Prayer, of meditation
                        7-Increase of vibration- building of the aura
                        8-Control of Prana, Soul and  of life
                        9-Control of the subtle bodies-clairvoyance, clairaudience
                        10-Building of the light body- Splendour, Magnificence
                        11-Control of light bodies -Spiritual self master- Oneness


Surrender to the universal aspects of life

The other way to move beyond the self to something more wholesome is through surrender to the universal aspects of life. In this way we can really come to know and belong to that which is larger than ourselves. One way to begin such a journey is just to remember the obvious: that life is utterly miraculous and despite all our accumulated knowledge, very mysterious. Many meditation practices are geared toward this result. In particular, mindfulness meditation, which forms the core of all Buddhist traditions and many other western esoteric ones as well, is directly aimed at this way of transcending the self


Making holy-Spiritual maturity

We, as humans, can access this dimension of life. It is our right and destiny. Doing so accords with the natural flow of universal forces. Not every human can be expected to immediately achieve such wonderful insight and wisdom as spiritual masters have done. But the very existence of such accomplished souls points to a great human potential. To even begin that journey is a mature and good step, and is helpful for the whole of humanity as well.


Spiritual lifestyle

Gaining an understanding of the reality of spiritual life and its relevance to our day-to-day concerns is a vital and necessary first step. But the second, more consuming and embracing step is to bring this wisdom into the world through action. Words, and even noble emotion, will not suffice. It is in the labour of the body--its engagement with the world--that spiritual life will gradually find a way to blossom and vitalise us and all around.

So our responsibility as basically rational and decent beings is to pull together as a group to understand, explore, and develop the rich harvest of well-being for all that spirituality brings. At a personal level, this means taking up some spiritual practice to improve our own condition.

Having such a practice need in no way contradict any religious beliefs that we may have. All religions have mystically oriented sides to them, so one can remain in one's chosen faith if desired.

At a social level, this means honouring and respecting others, regardless of their beliefs, and trying to help out others, even if it is in very small ways. Indeed, having the desire to help others and then serving them in small ways is one of the very best means to develop spiritually--and the opportunities are endless

Finally, at a spiritual level, this means accepting life the way it is, regardless of how much it might hurt. And yet it is still our spiritual responsibility to believe in something better and more than just the confusion and sorrow of this life. The precious gift of devotion to something larger than oneself is the royal road to this attitude.

Purification: The journey to the inner self usually commences with efforts at self-purification, which may include physical techniques, such as various forms of yoga, abstinence from recreational drugs, and eating foods which will do the least harm to our fellow creatures. If we don't take care, however, these efforts may become yet another type of self-indulgence. Over time, interest may progress from the physical arena through emotional and psychic realms to spiritual development. At some stage the soul will begin to be aware of a vague glow of the inner spiritual light. In some sensitive people this experience may shake them to the core, and there is often real suffering of heart and mind. We make great vows to ourselves: "Now that I have glimpsed this light I will do my very best to change my ways and lead a more spiritual life." But everything in and around us seems to conspire against our best intentions as nature immediately presents us with tests to prove our resolve. Karma normally spread over many lifetimes may come to us over a very short time. We should remember, however, that along with opposition, our vow invokes forces which help us.

The appeal to the Higher Self, honestly and earnestly made, opens up a channel by which flow in all the gracious influences from higher planes. New strength rewards each new effort; new courage comes with each step forward. So take courage . . . and hold on your way through the discouragements that beset your earliest steps on the path . . . Do not stop to mourn over your faults; recognize them and seek to learn from each its lesson. Do not become vain of your success. So shall you gradually attain self-knowledge, and self-knowledge shall develop self-mastery

Exercising the spiritual will: Looking for and working with the inner god of every person we encounter, and not becoming weighed down with a limited self-centered viewpoint, allows the inner god to guide us in daily living.

Following the daily karmic script: We are composite beings, a vortex of forces from the greater sea of life in which we are immersed. This fact explains many of the moral dilemmas and strange quirks of human behavior we all encounter. The inner god, the enduring part of us, animates the lower forms and energies and sends us forth periodically on a voyage of understanding which we call a lifetime. As we experience life's challenges, the higher self never provides a greater load of karmic lessons than we have the capacity to bear. Life is our teacher, and our experience provides the exact set of circumstances which we need to grow.

There are many ways. Various forms of concentration and meditation accustom us to hearken to the voice of our inner god. Particularly beneficial are greeting the opportunities the day has to offer in the morning and reviewing the spiritual lessons one has learned in the evening. There is also need for silence, a precious commodity in today's hectic world, in which to hear the whisperings of the Voice of the Silence. Even if we are busy with the tasks at hand, we always have the opportunity to devote part of our mental energies to finding spiritual directions from the many choices which face us.

The ability to read the daily karmic script will enable us to better appreciate the inner purpose of our lives that our higher self is trying to communicate to us each second as it urges our footsteps along the path to greater understanding of the oneness of Being. Nothing is stopping us here and now from trying to live a life closer to the internal example of perfection within us.

The best way to overcome the lower nature is not by "battling" it and "fighting" it, thus exercising it and making it strong and vigorous, but by understanding it to be a part of yourself and by resolutely putting it in its proper place with inflexible and impersonal kindness and gentleness. Sometimes and very often indeed the best way to begin to do this is by completely ignoring it, turning the back upon it. ally yourself with the higher parts of your nature, and in consequence you identify yourself thereby with the higher parts of the Universe.


Unconditional Love- Unconditional bliss

The Spiritual path will conduct to experiencing Unconditional  Love and Unconditional Bliss, Oneness with God within and out

Bliss is out true nature. Bliss is gained when the sense organs merge in the mind through concentration. It is not obtained from exterior objects.

Therefore , if you want bliss, breath and try to acquire concentration.


Bliss is out true nature




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