Find Your Joy by Following Your Heart!

When you live with your Heart, you feel full, rich, and life seems to flow effortlessly. You feel in control, confident, connected to your lifeís purpose. You feel joy and deep inner Peace. You fell free, you feel Alive!


The sincere practice of self-inquiry leads to an inner experience of freedom and joy. Compassion and loving-kindness are states which arise naturally from this freedom

Life purpose

-At the root of every life purpose, no matter what it is we DO, is the feeling of love. Love of self, love of others, and service with love. Ask yourself what is in your heart, and if it is not love, either find a way to change how you feel, or change what you do.
-Just remember that when we donít pick up the lesson in this situation, we may be faced with it again under a different guise.

 Benefits of following your heartís desires

     1. Enthusiasm

    2. Effectiveness

    3. Excellence

    4- Love

    5- Compassion

    6- Loving-kindness

 Positive feelings in the heart are a person's source of intuitive knowing. When we feel joy, peace, care, or appreciation, we access a wider perspective of intuitive understanding. The mind expands, leading us to creative ideas and commonsense solutions to problems. When we feel frustrated, angry, self-judging, or miserable, the heart shuts down, stress hormones are released throughout the body, our perspective narrows, and it's hard to focus on anything

 WHAT STOPS YOUR HEARTíS DESIRE? Obstacles to following your Heart



                                Ruts, obstacles



 These three steps activate a feeling of joy and peace, and accelerate learning.

Step 1: Understanding the Difference between Your Head and Your Heart so they work for you in balance
too many head thoughts, without the balance of heart intuition, generate rationalizations, over analysis, self-judgment, anxiety, and many other attitudes that block real learning. Head thoughts tend to run in a loop, generate negative emotional reactions, and are hard to shut off.

Your heart intuition can show you a more creative way to respond to a situation. By focusing your attention on your heart and choosing to activate the feeling of love, care, or appreciation for yourself or another, you balance your head reactions and you can then hear the voice of your intuitive intelligence. You literally "open your heart" to receiving more information.

The bonus is this: You gain self-empowerment instead of feeling like a victim.

Step 2: Learning How to Listen to Your Heart intuition
learning to access and listen to your heart intuition takes practice. The accompanying heart feelings of "ah ha," peace, or joy are like signals that confirm your intuitive feeling of knowing. If you're unsure, you can always stop and ask yourself again, "Am I listening to my heart, or am I just listening to my head concerns or emotional reactions?" Then, shift your attention back to your heart feelings, still the mind a moment, and listen again. A feeling of "knowingness" and a new perception of the situation arises as your mind can now give you an intuitive readout of your heart promptings.

Step 3: Following Your Heart Ė Act on what your heart intuition is saying
many people hear the promptings of their hearts but don't follow them. Following your heart takes courage. But each time you follow your heart directives and see situations improve as a result, you build more inner security and confidence. You can build self-security and courage by playing the heart and head game in decision making at home and at work every day until it becomes automatic. The reward is in seeing the quality of your decisions and the quality of your life improve.

Heart management of your day-to-day mental and emotional reactions builds self-empowerment. The more you follow your heart, the more you access powerful energy accumulators that make any situation more fun, regenerating, and rewarding. As you practice, the voice of your heart becomes louder and clearer. The heart intuition helps you make quick on-the-spot mental and emotional attitude adjustments that save you time as well as energy. You find yourself experiencing more fun and quality-more love, joy, and appreciation of the good things in your life. Heart management of your attitudes and reactions allows the head and heart to work creatively together to bring balance and fulfillment.

 Again, the process is simple but takes practice. When you feel stress or find yourself in the middle of a head reaction, simply tell yourself to stop. Quiet your mind and emotions, and shift your focus to your heart. This shift helps you to stop identifying with the reaction and gain objectivity. Send out a feeling of love, care, compassion, or appreciation for yourself or another-such activity will open and activate your heart. Then ask your heart intuition, "What would be the most efficient response to this situation?" Pause and listen. Your heart intuition will give your head a creative answer.


 1. Entrust your heart to God and God within. He will give you the desires of your heart

 2. Examine what you enjoy. Determine your passion

 3. Explore the possibilities. Living life differently means that we have to start thinking differently.

  4. Spend time with wise and passionate people.


 -Stop feeling self-conscious and you will discover the real value.

-Develop Love, Compassion (Karuna practices) and Loving-kindness (Metta practices) for


                               your benefactors

                                those close to you

                               those for whom you have neutral feelings

                              even those for whom you have negative feelings.

-Cultivate the intention to embrace all parts of yourself and to overcome feelings of separation from yourself and from others. Thus, you learn to receive and work with your faults as sources of needless suffering, and spontaneously move towards change in order to relieve that suffering. As these practices mature you feel a sense of warmth, good intention, and deep sympathy towards yourself.

- Cultivate Unconditional Love

                                                May I be filled with loving-kindness
                                                May I be well
                                                May I be peaceful and at ease
                                                May I be happy


 The key to living a life of love, peace and prosperity is to live from your Heart.

Your Heart is far more powerful than your brain. The human Heart actually produces 10 times more electromagnetic energy than the brain. During the developmental phase of the human embryo, at day 25 of gestation, the first signs of life are registered in the Heart, not the brain.

When you live from your Heart, you feel full, rich, and life seems to flow effortlessly. You feel in control, confident, connected to your life's purpose. You feel Joy and deep inner Peace. You feel Alive!

When love radiates from your Heart you feel vibrant, energized and blissful. The feeling of being on purpose inspires you to new heights... some you never dreamed possible.

Living from Your Heart keeps you focused on what is most important to you in your life. You move from focusing on conflict to re-focusing on what is most important to you...Your Deepest Heart's Desires.

When we learn how to love ourselves first, we then have so much more to give others. Loving ourselves is the greatest gift we can give...for when we do so we are honoring the very nature of the Human Heart...our Source of Life.


Step One: Breathe Deeply

Begin by taking a nice deep cleansing breath in...Breathing in life, energy and abundance...
-As you exhale release any stress, strain or tension from your body...
-Release any thoughts, feelings...and just allow yourself to relax...

Step Two: Focus on your Heart

-As you continue to breathe deeply, gently shift your focus from your head to your Heart and take a few moments to dwell here in this place of peace...
-Your place of Peace...

Step Three: Breathe Deeply Into This Place

Breathe as deeply as you can into this place of peace...Your Heart.
-Feel your Heart expand... soften... and relax...
-Feel your lungs expand, your entire body filling with life, and every cell and in between every cell... feeling fully alive!
-Feel the unconditional love that lives in your Heart...

Step Four: Connect with the Truth that Lives in Your Heart

Gently place your right hand over your Heart...
-Ask "What does my Heart want for me, now, in this moment'?
-Listen for the open to whatever form of communication you may receive

Step Five: Trust

Trust the answer that you receive...
-This is your inner wisdom speaking to you...Your higher self...
-Your place of Truth
-This Truth will never fail you!

Step Six: Follow Your Truth

Follow your Truth to the extent that it feels right for you...
-Visualize yourself following your Truth...
-Feel the feeling you have when you follow your Truth...
-Breathe into this feeling and embrace it fully...

Step Seven: Let It Go

-Surrender to a Higher Being...The Divine...
-Know that you have done all you need to do
-and the rest of the details will be handled...



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