Rebalancing Body Mind and Spirit

Yoga and body mind centering


1)       Laws of nature: Balance Polarity

2)      Double origin of man : human /spiritual


3)      Balance  Search

-Body/ Emotion/ mind/ spirit


-Chakra: subtle bodies

            -microcosm- macrocosm


4)      Sun-Moon HathaYoga


5)      Right/Left  Brain


6)      Vital Centre: Hara
3 centres: Hara/Heart/3rdEyes-Crown


7)      Threads- Antakarana-

      Prana-Samana-Apana- Udhyana-Vyana
      Three locks- Traya bandha


8)      Yoga balancing- Massage

-Body balancing

            -left-right: torsion



            -inverted position


-balancing position

-holistic body

-breathing balancing

            -regular breathing without or with pause

            -alterned breathing


-sun salutation

-balanced sequence

-centering meditations  Merkaba meditation Dervich meditation No dimension


9)      Mind centering Positive thinking

-Mind control

-mantra- yantra- mandala


10)  balanced diet

11)    Release Purification
Control of emotions
Mind control

      Control of self/selves

12)  balanced Environment

13)  balanced effect of tools ( Crisallotherapy, essential oils, sounds, music )




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