Objective :

            -Prepare the body to receive life force from cosmic source

            -Bring  prana/life force  to the chakra

            -Use prana to balance the chakra

            -Bring the prana/life force to higher chakra


I-                   Purity (Shaucha) 

Internal and external

            Purity intellectual (Baudhika Shaucha)

                        -control of thought and emotion to higher level

                        -purify lower chakra in order to be able to activate heart chakra

            Purity verbal (Vachika Shaucha)

                        -purify throat chakra

                        -control of speaking

                        -practices of spiritual singing

            Purity Physical (Shairik Shaucha)


                                    -cleansing of the skin (dry massage, bath, steam bath)

                        Internal (Shat Kryia)

                                    1)Stomach (dhauti)

                                                -with tissue (vastra dhauti)

                                                -with water (Jala dhauti)

                                                -with fire (agnisara dhauti)

                                                -with air (varisara dhauti)

                                    2)Colon (Basti)

                                                -with water (jala basti)

                                                -with earth (sthala basti)

                                    3) Nose and sinus (neti)

                                                -with air (vayu neti)

                                                -with water (jala neti)

                                                -with a small cord (sutra neti)

                                    4) sun-moon channel, eyes (trataka)

                                    5)abdomen- Mars chakra (nauli)

                                                -contraction of stomach (uddiyana)


                                    6)head- brain (kapalabhati)       

II-                Satisfaction (Santosha)

-intellectual (Baudhika santosha)

            -psychologically ready to  separation. Be quiet and balanced

            -tolerance, no complain, be satisfied of any situation

            -meditation and undestand laws of karma

-verbal (Vachika Santosha)

            -limit talking to essential

            -avoid aggressive speaking

            -practice of period of spiritual silence

-physical (Sharirik Santosha)

            -verbal – physical non-violence


            -control of behaviour

III-              Austérity (Tapas)

-intellectual (Baudhika Tapas)

            -control of thought and emotion

            -balance oppositions

            -eliminate attachment, ego , presumption

            -quiet,centered, balanced mind

-verbal (Vachika Tapas)

            -avoid verbal agitation, agressive speaking

            -not promote aggressive  behaviour of others

            -verbal austerity

-physical (Sharirik Tapas)

            -support thirsty, hunger; hot and cold, gain and loose

-support physical test

-good undestanding, tolerance

IV-             Individual  study (Svadhyana)

-intellectual (Baudhika Svadhyana)

            -meditation on OM

            -mantra, mental singing of Gayatri mantra

            -reading and study of Sacred Scripture

            -meditation on philosophy and sacred texts

            -inner contemplation

-verbal (Vachika Svadhyana)

            -recitation, singing, mantra

            -reading with voce

            -oral spiritual  teaching


-physical (Sharirik Svadhyana)

            -through asana, awareness of  own body capacity

            -control of senses , of different planes

            -practices based on study

            -Know I AM

            -recitation, concentration, meditation and contemplation on OM

            -expansion to cosmic conscience

V-                Harmony with God (Ishvar-Pranidhana)

-meditation on God, Christ, Mary, Krishna etc…

-devotion to God

-dedication to God

-connection with higher self, inner teacher


-detachment  from all level of conscience ( conscious, subconscious )




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