Increasing self esteem improves your self worth and your value. Building self esteem is a first step towards your happiness and a better life.

Self esteem increases your confidence and allows you to respect your own wishes. If you have confidence you will give priority to your wishes and you will respect yourself. If you respect yourself you can respect others, so building self esteem can help you improve your relationships, your personal performance and your happiness....

Low self esteem causes depression, unhappiness, insecurity and poor confidence. Other's desires may take preference over yours. The side effect, inner criticism, that nagging voice of disapproval inside you, causes you to stumble at every challenge and you will find it much harder to begin new or challenging projects. Your doubt will mean you are almost certain to fail....

What is self esteem?
The experience of being capable of meeting life's challenges and being worthy of happiness.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important
Good self-esteem is important because it helps you to hold your head high and feel proud of yourself and what you can do. It gives you the courage to try new things and the power to believe in yourself. It lets you respect yourself, even when you make mistakes. And when you respect yourself, adults and other kids usually respect you, too.If you have good self-esteem, you know that you're smart enough to make your own decisions. You value your safety, your feelings, your health - your whole self! Good self-esteem helps you know that every part of you is worth caring for and protecting.

Characteristics of High Self Esteem:

What is a sign of low self esteem? what not to do:

Characteristics of Low Self Esteem:

Isn't self-esteem determined by parental upbringing? No

Isn't self-esteem the consequence of approval from "significant others?"No

Don't the possession of good looks, popularity, and wealth almost guarantee self-esteem?No

Does praise appropriate behavior nurture self-esteem? No

Isn't it true that if you have high self-esteem, nothing bothers you?No

Can people have too much esteem? No

Is High self-esteem the prerogative of a fortunate minority? No

Once you've attained self-esteem, is it automatically maintained forever?
Every value pertaining to life requires action to maintain it.  Responsibility for appropriate action never ends.

To maintain healthy self esteem:

What are the best measures or scales to use in assessing self-esteem?
1.  You are generally not thinking about yourself and don't analyze yourself.
2.  You feel good most of the time.  When you feel bad, it doesn't last long.  You are resilient in the face of diversity.
3.  You smile a lot.  You have positive belief systems.
4.  You have lots of energy.  You are able to see and accomplish most of your goals.
5.  You are friendly.  You enjoy meeting and being with others.
6.  You draw people to you.  You make long-term friendships.
7.  You look others in the eye.  You are trustworthy and able to be intimate and affectionate.
8.  You take risks.  You are independent and autonomous.
9.  You have positive effects.  You have behavioral and academic success in school.
10.  Things others can't observe include:  You talk to yourself positively, tell the truth, keep your word, are grateful to be alive, forgive yourself and others.  You are empathetic, compassionate and you have a conscience.

Is it possible to build one's self esteem? what to do:

Self esteem and self management

The good news is that we can change how we view ourselves - even though it could be easier said than done!

Beat Self Consciousness
Self consciousness is the No.1 enemy of self confidence. Learn how to keep your attention off yourself. You can do this easily by following these steps...
            a) If you notice you have become self-conscious, (you can usually tell because you start to feel anxious), choose something 'everyday' you can see and study it in detail. The important thing is that you're learning how to keep your attention off yourself.
            b) If you feel self-conscious in a social situation, it's usually because you don't have enough to do! Focus on what your purpose in the situation is.:
It's easy to feel self-conscious if you have nothing to do, and much more difficult if your attention is occupied by a task.
Think how comfortable you have been with others when you're all working toward a common goal. The common goal of socialising could be making friends, it could be the exchange of mutually beneficial information, it could be whatever you want it to be!

Conclusiion: What is self-esteem?
Self-esteem is an experience.  It is a particular way of experiencing the self.  It is a good deal more than a mere feeling.  It involves emotional, evaluative, and cognitive components.  It also entails certain action dispositions: 

-          to move toward life rather than away from it;

-          to move toward consciousness rather away from it;

-          to treat facts with respect rather than denial; to operate self-responsibly rather than the opposite. 

Self-esteem is the disposition to experience oneself as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness.  It is confidence in our ability to learn, make appropriate choices and decisions, and respond effectively to change.  It is also the experience that success, achievement, fulfillment-happiness-are right and natural for us.

Self-esteem is not the euphoria  that may be temporarily induced by a drug, a compliment, or a love affair.  It is not an illusion or hallucination. 


For Self-Esteem

The power they have to alter your life will make itself felt if you repeat them DAILY and when you are thinking negatively. Try to focus on one affirmation and consider what it means to you in your life. Tell yourself:

Affirmations will free you, add your own and put the list somewhere you can see it everyday.

Other affirmations

Rules for Serenity

The first step was learning how to think positively about yourself; the second step is to apply this new thinking to everyday life. I would like to recommend that you try the following suggestions:

Steps Toward Self- Confidence




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