-good karma

            -promote absence of mind agitation for meditation

            -to reach rapidly the full cosmic conscious

            -to purify the nadi in order to promote the flux of prana  for increase of  vital force and control of mind and body

            -mental stability which will imply  pranic stability and balance

            -avoid attachment and  regret


I-                   Non violence (Ahimsa)

The main source of violence is the intellect  which  translates disharmonic      energy in  thought, words or action. When you realize that the main objective of man is to become spiritual and  to be attuned with the Higher-self (Atma). You become non-violent and your intellect is anymore disturbed even if someone hurts you.

-Intellectual non-violence ( Baudhika Ahimsa)

            -Verbal non-violence (Vachika Ahimsa)
            -Physical no-violence ( Sharirik Ahimsa)    

II-                Truthfulness (Satya)

     There are two ways: we should conduct thoughts, words and actions in agreement with truth or thruth is the result of harmony between thoughts, words and action. Our  words  should not contain an intention to hurt metally, verbally and physically

            -Intellectual Truthfulness ( Baudhika Satya)

            -Verbal Truthfulness ( Varicka Satya)

            -Physical Truthfulness ( Sharirik Satya)

III-             Non stealing (Asteya)

Non stealing includes also the idea of non promoting and non  approving  any  theft mentally, verbally or physically. Anything you get without  “ work”  will be only source of difficulty and  non-happiness. 
            -Intellectual  non stealing (Baudhika Asteya)

            -Verbal  non stealing ( Vachika Asteya)

            -Physical non stealing ( Sharirik asteya)

IV-             Chastity (Brahmacharya)

It is not limited to sexual control but is extended to the control of all the organs of sense,  of  gross body as well as subtle body.
       -Intellectual Chastity (Baudhika Brahmacharya) (discipline)

            -Verbal chastity (vachika Brahmacharya) (control of  wording)

            -Physical chastity (Sharirik Brahmacharya) (sacred sexuality)

V-                Austerity- Non avidity (Aparigraha)

Non avidity is  a state of detachment towards desire of senses. The objective is to balance  and harmonize our mental tendencies and consequently our words and action.

            -Intellectual  austerity ( Baudhika aparigraha)

            -Verbal austerity ( Vachika aparigraha)

            -Physical austerity (Sharirik aparigraha)


 Yama practices should take into account






It should be considered

            -towards another person

            -towards self

            -allow others

            -promote, push  others


three intensities may be considered also





Tools used will be

-         meditation,

-         discernment

-         reflection


Yoga Practices work first on  physical control. Once  physical non-violence mastered,  work on verbal non-violence. At the end comes the  control of the thoughts, moods and mental behaviour. First on Gross body then on subtle body


Before any thoughts, words, actions, it is important to think of the consequences. .Avoiding  mind agitation, will allow the spiritual forces to accumulate pranic energy, life forces , which can be used for  higher state of conscience  which in turn , will balance and harmonize lower state of conscience. Slowly getting installed in non-violence, You will be invaded by an ocean of kindness, gentleness, compassion, absence of fear  which will  conduct to blessings, serenity  and bliss.









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