*** The Best Action is Forgiveness ***

we discover that the only way to find solace is
to move beyond our accusations and judgments
to transcend our opinions and limited perspectives
to transmute our negative emotions into higher vibrations
to make a quantum shift into another dimension of being.

Eventually we reach a point where forgiveness is our only choice.
For there is no resolution without forgiveness.
It is only through forgiveness that the illusions of fear pain and separation are removed.

Unconditional forgiveness is required to open our hearts. Only when our hearts are open can we experience the reality of Universal Love.

Forgive yourself.
Forgive others.
Forgive your situation.
Forgive the world.
Forgive God.

 Forgiveness process

            -3 F ( Fly-Fight-Forgive)

            -Mind mapping

            -Recognize the feelings and evaluate how upset you are

            -Avoid taking action until reflection and full control of actions

            -Identify the true cause

            -Recognize self responsibility

            -Evaluate legitimate basis

            -Confrontation and Information


            -establish limits with consequences

            -Pass over the issue Ė real comprehension

            -Forgive and forget with compassion

            -Call for help (advise, prayers etc...) at any stage, if necessary

1-Forgiveness recognizes that what we have attacked and judged against in another is indeed what we have condemned in ourselves.

2- Forgiveness must be releasing the past: to forgive and forget.

 3- The ego tenaciously holds on to past mistakes, using them against the attacked person, we must decide to set aside the egoís way of looking situation.

4- It is our choice to look the situation with our real self, our divine self, our Christ consciousness, with love, compassion and unconditional love

5-Let us connect to our Higher Self

6-We have to wake up ourselves to Christ consciousness through balanced and illuminated self, through call of prana, prayers, meditations

7- We have to wake up to Love, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. Through work on heart chakra

8- If necessary we may work with the Holy Spirit, with Christ, with Violet Ray with other Helpers

9- Law of Cause and Effect: We should wisely sort out our things within ourselves instead of involving others. We should only interact with others with a loving heart.

10-Laws of Karma and forgiveness teach us that all fights, disputes, arguments, negativity must be worked out until they are brought back to the light of peace, to love.

11- The choice is ours to be free, to be liberate, to be in peace

12-Revisit sacrifice. We donít have an obligation to save others. Our real obligation is to liberate ourselves. This often involves serving others. True service is rewarding because it is part of our destiny path, our spiritual path

13-To live in the consciousness of love you must forgive yourself, forgive yourself for living in illusion, forgive yourself for creating a painful past, and forgive yourself for listening to others and not to yourself.

14- Feeling and attitude of Gratitude, and Thankfulness while going through healing process.

The ecstasy one feels after forgiving enemies cannot be explained in words



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