We live in an era where a lot of people are chattering endlessly about getting in touch with the 'inner self' and hearing the 'inner voice', the voice of the spirit deepest inside of you.


The Inner Voice is at once man's untiring guide and his true friend. If a man goes deep within, the Inner Voice will tell him what to do. If he goes deeper, the Inner Voice will give him the capacity. If he goes still deeper, the Inner Voice will convince him that he is doing the right thing in the right way


1-Do not fear the spiritual journey, wherever it takes you, for God is with you


2-Two voices

·        The voice  of the soul: Love and affection. The wise voice is soft, gentle. It is full of common sense, love and kindness,  true wisdom in the ways and knowledge best suited for us.

·        The voice of the body , of the ego: passion, pain and suffering, infrmation pro0vided by the brain.. The critical innner voice, the analyser

3-Listen to your inner voice
It is through the mechanism of our inner voice that "spirit" communicates with us
- Your inner voice is there to help guide you along the path called life.
 whenever you are asked to take sides in an argument, you are always in a sense of dilemma. During these times your inner voice automatically gives its verdict,


4-How to Hear this inner wise voice?
The practice of a quiet time leads each person to a source of wisdom, which is available to everybody. Some call it conscience other call it the voice of God. It offers direction, a satisfying sense of purpose for each individual. It does not replace common sense but enhances it.
Just paying attention to your own thoughts
-Spend some time each day in quiet reflection. Observe how you think!

-Meditation, quiet contemplation, exercise, art, dance and even music are other ways to promote inner voice. Each of these activities helps to turn off our analyzer, allowing us to commune with our higher self, our spirit or the universe
- Sharpen our ability to hear, understand, and properly implement the guidance we are being given from the light which emanates from the core of our being.

5-Ask questions
-Our inner voice also works on another basic principal: if you ask yourself a question, you will always receive an answer.. Our inner self always provides us with information that is for our highest good, even if the tasks it requires of us are hard. It will always lead us on the right path, but it cannot compel us to follow.

6- Free-will
-We were all provided with something called free will. It is our ability to choose what we want for ourselves.
-When you listen to the prompting of spirit, life happens much smoother. Things that may have been a problem or issue, in the past, seem to be miraculously avoided and life is good. When you choose to not listen to spirit, it is as if you are taking your life into your own hands..
The more you don't listen, or choose to not pay attention, the further and further you are moving from your center and your true path. Your inner self starts to become unbalanced. The more unbalanced you become, the stronger or louder the promptings become. Obstacles or tests are put in our path increase in intensity.

7-Learn how you receive intuitive information. Some ways we receive our intuition are:

        ·        Physical: Our access to the world. Awareness of what the body already knows, such as a strong physical response (a stomach flip, a chill) in a situation where there is no reason to think anything unusual is going on.

        ·        Emotional: A sensitivity to other people's subtle energy;

        ·        Mental : word, thought, or feeling of a thought in your mind.

        ·        Visual: Images, inner vision. A picture,

        ·        Flow (synchronicity): There is more than one way to receive intuitive information. Sometimes, if we ignore our inner wisdom, a friend will spontaneously tell us the message we have been hearing, and ignoring, for months. Or we may open a book at random and find information we have been looking for.

        ·        Spiritual: Independent from feelings, sensations, thoughts. A oneness with the universe. The transpersonal rather than the personal side of intuition.

8-Release of bondages, of limitations
Simply notice the negative voices playing in your head. Notice the times when they crop up. Recognize that the voices aren't you and they aren't true. Learning to separate your own voice from that of the saboteur is a powerful and life changing tool.
-Counter Negative Thoughts and Live Free From Imagined Limitations.
Nagging, judgmental, or abusively self-critical thinking that contributes to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.
 -The inner critic is the voice in our heads edits our thoughts, controls our behavior and inhibits our actions. It thinks it is protecting us from being hurt - but all it really does is reinforce feelings of shame and guilt, sabotage our closest relationships, and contribute to drug and alcohol abuse.
 -release the inner critic's stranglehold on your self-esteem, reverse its contribution to self-destructive behavior, and combat its subversive effect on career achievement and intimate relationships.

 9- How to improve and develop listening of the inner voice
- Write down your thoughts
            - Make disciplined time to listen
            - Develop a method:
meditate, pray or do breathing exercises to prepare. Be open to unexpected thoughts. 
            - Assess the thoughts that comes: Don’t
 forget the four absolute moral standards of PURITY, HONESTY, UNSELFISHNESS, LOVE 
            - Take action in the world:
Now it is time to act
            - Make faith practical : Open your mind and heart to the love, direction and strength of your inner-self; explore and respond to this dimension in your times of listening, and to the insight it gives you about the purpose of your life. Rely on this new strength
            - Work with others : This practice is most effective in community, in teamwork, and it is also a way to deepen our relationships with others.
            - Keep at it until inner listening is part of your normal thinking, all the time 

10- the art of intuition
Intuition and imagination seem to fade around age seven, if they are not developed.

. I discovered that my imagination was real. Thoughts, or feelings of thoughts, and pictures that popped spontaneously into my head provided information about a person or a situation.

Often defined as "the power of knowing" or "knowledge obtained without reasoning," intuition is wisdom that comes from within. It is our ability to perceive information that is not obvious to the physical senses. Meant to help us, intuition is what tells us when something simply doesn't feel right

One way of beginning to trust your intuition is to act on it. Feedback is very important in learning to trust oneself..

Intuition speaks softly, is patient, and will repeat the same message several times. Intuition often speaks when you least expect it; our responsibility is to learn to listen.

Discover your intuition. Use it. Rely on it.

To conclude, humans are granted the potentiality of discerning God nearer to them than their jugular veins, and with them whersoever they go because their origin is basically divine.

11-Decision making method: learning to hear your inner voice

-Accessing your inner-voice is an innate ability.
-Your inner-voice will speak to you in different ways. In order to communicate with the intuitive part of yourself, you must learn your body’s intuitive language. To do this, close your eyes, fill your mind with quiet and listen to yourself breathe deeply. Now think of something that means “YES” to you. It can be the feeling or image of a person or a place, something real or imagined, it doesn’t matter. The object is to hold in your mind a vivid and personal image of “YES”. Your body will respond to this ‘YES” by moving in a certain way. It’s different for everyone. You might notice your body swaying backwards or frontward or to one side. You may feel light or heavy, hot or cold. You will feel it, however subtle it may be. Clear your mind and recognize your body’s unique response to “YES”. Now think of “NO”. Conjure in your mind, an image of “NO”. What is your body’s response to “NO”? This is your body’s intuitive language.
-This same process can be replicated using an ordinary chain necklaceor a pendulum to determine the “YES” and “NO” response. It’s simple. Take a chain necklace and undo the clasp. Hold one end of the chain with your thumb and index finger. Hold the chain up so that the other end can move freely. Place the open palm of your other hand underneath the dangling end of the chain. The end of the chain should point to the center of your palm when still. Hold the chain with whichever hand feels right. Repeat the “YES/NO” process described above. Still your mind and then conjure up the image of “YES”. Remain still and watch the chain. It will move in one direction or the other, just as your body did. This is the very same method except that you are using an external tool to make your body’s intuitive response visible.

The key to these practices is to have no expectations. Just let your mind become clear of thought. Let thoughts pass through without grabbing your attention. It’s like clearing the air of noise and clutter so that your inner-voice can be heard. Often times, we react out of emotions that are not aligned with our higher wisdom. This usually creates a situation that is less than satisfactory. Using your inner-voice will help you make decisions with greater confidence because you will know that you are tapping your own best source of advice. You will develop this skill by focusing more attention in that direction. Let this desire to hear your inner-voice be a constant thought in the back of your mind. Using your inner-voice becomes natural with such practice.

It is simple to use your newfound ability to hear your inner-voice. It’s best to practice at first with little decisions. As your inner-voice becomes stronger to you, your confidence in using it will grow. Then you can use it to aid you in making tougher decisions such as whether to take a certain job or contract.

Your inner-voice is a source of unfailing guidance. Develop your natural ability to hear your own wisdom and you will make sound decisions with greater confidence.





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