Harmony with the Sun

 Circadian  Rythm (24hours) -  Dinacarya

 Mid night        Sunrise            Midday           Sunset             Midnight

Monthly Rhythm (30 days- 12 months in a year)

January                       February                     March                         April               May                Juin    

                                                           Spring Solstice                                               Summer Equinoxe


July                 August                        September                  October           November                   December

                                               Autumn Solstice                                                                        Winter Equinoxe


             Harmony with the Moon (27-28 days)

 New Moon


 Full Moon


 New Moon


Harmony with Planets ( 52 weeks in a year)

 Sunday - Sun

Monday – Moon

Tuesday – Mars

Wednesday- Mercure

Thursday – Jupiter

Friday – Venus

Saturday – Saturn

 Vedic Astrology: How to use Astrology in your life

1-      Get your natal chart done

2-      Learn about your own chart, planet by planet and house by house to understand yourself. Find books which will help you interpret yourself your chart easily. Understand your strengths and your weaknesses.

3-      Consider going to a professional astrologer. The knowledge of someone who has been working in this field for several decades completes the picture and can often help you understand yourself better . Astrology is a very complex science that takes years to master.

4-      Find the Upayas, astrological remedies ( gems, mantra, colors, rituals etc…) to strengthen our beneficial planets  and to mitigate our malefic planets. Find auspicious periods for your different activities.  Live in harmony with the Universe,with  the Cosmos.



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