See Good, Be Good, Do Good


1- See yourself as a creation of God , as His child, as part of the Universe

-Observe the miracles of creation that surround you. (The starry heavens, the vast and restless ocean, the mighty mountains, the flowers, etc…)

                -in your quiet moments, see yourself as creation of God, as  child of God

                -God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent

                -as God’s child, you have the power. The power is in you. 

                -You are responsible of your destiny, of your microcosm. Look at your destiny positively.

                -Karma is not an obstacle. It is part of your destiny.

-You can change your destiny and create positively through your control center

2-Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself

-check your external appearance. Your appearance reflects and affects your image of yourself. If you improve one you will begin to improve  the other.

                -Look at your inner person. Accept your uncertainties and qualities. Transform your weaknesses  in strength

                -Observe your negative  thoughts and somatization. Choose to change them through a positive reprogramming

                -A normal degree of self –esteem and self confidence may be yours

-Remind you that a weak self-image can be changed into a strong self-image at any stage of life.

-Image yourself with an improved self-image, Believe that you will get results and you will

3-Decide to increase your capacity for imaging, of autoinduction.

-if you consistently picture  the best - not the worst - happening to you, powerful forces will work to bring about the thing you are visualizing.

                -You will know it is true when you will experiment  with it yourself

                -Experiment with unexplored forces of nature intelligently and with an open mind.

-The sequence is: first the germ of the idea, then the image of the idea, then the energy and determination to make it a reality, and finally the triumphant reality.

                -Put that sequence to work for you and you self-image will expand and grow.

4-Practice what you do well, and then learn from your successes

            -Nothing builds confidence like the repetition of superior performance.

                -if you have a skill, seize every opportunity to exercise that skill.

                -practice what you do well and draw strength and confidence from your successes.

5-Create new interest, and new skills for expansion, for personal development

6-Condition your subconscious mind with spiritual power principles

-meditate and memorize spiritual power principles, spiritual readings and repeat them over and over until they sink down into your unconscious mind and you become part of it.

-When your subconscious mind accepts these principles, tremendous energies can be released to change your life and your self-image completely.

                -“I can  do all things through Christ which strengthened me”( Philipians 4:13)

                -Image  yourself , your desire

                -design verbal formula, affirmation according to your desire

7- Sensitize yourself to the beauty and variety and excitement of living

            -Life is so exciting that it should seem to us like an ever-hanging, wonderful play.

-when you feel , you are a vital part of the marvellous tapestry of living , aware of it, immersed in it, then you are going to think and act with enthousiasm and confidence and assurance.

-if you see yourself as a bystander, an onlooker, a hesitant observer, rather than a participant, your self-image will reflect that concept

                -Be co-creator of Life

8-Control your emotions

-Emotions can damage your vitality, your physical , emotional, mental and spiritual body. It can weaken the image you have of yourself, it can be devastating to your self-esteem.

9- Seek forgiveness for yourself and your enemies

10- The last and most important suggestion: Stay close to Jesus Christ always and ask for His help.

-He was the first to teach the power of imaging. He told his disciples that what they pictured with faith would come to pass.

-Find Him and experience His reality. When he comes out of history and becomes your personal Savior, then you can walk through all manner of darkness and pain and trouble and be unafraid. With Him by your side, you can have the most sublime life.



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