Living in harmony with Nature

For Wellbeing , Health, Creativity and Spiritual Development

Integrated and holistic approach

One in Whole , Whole in One

As Above , so Below

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Daily Rhythm

            - Early morning

                -Wake up naturally

                -Drink a glass of water to facilitate intestinal evacuation


                -Exercise or yoga with breathing (10-15 minutes)

                -Cleansing of mouth, nose, eyes, ears etc

                -Body massage without or with oil

                -Bath or shower 

                -“Light shower “ and meditation (5 minutes)


                 Walking if possible (15-30 minutes)

                Normal activities

                 Lunch (main meal)

                -Stay calm (5 minutes)

               -Walk to facilitate digestion (5-10 minutes)

                Normal activities

                -Relaxation or Meditation

                Dinner (light, possibly between 18h and 19h)

                -Stay calm for 5 minutes

                -Walking for digestion (15minutes)

                -Rest  (1 hour)

                -Light activities

                -Cleansing and bath or shower

                -Go to bed towards 22h30, possibly 3 hours after dinner and without reading or watching television.

(In the evening, activities are more flexible before dinner you can do light activities or yoga, self-massage or yoga and meditation before going to bed .It depends on your time availability and willingness

  . Appropriate and diversified diet

                -As little meat as possible (preferably poultry and fish)

                -Cereals (possibly integral) seeds, nuts, grains

    -More vegetable and fruits as possible (a lot of greens. leaves rich in chlorophyll; a lot of betacarotene, (yellow, orange))

                -More raw and living food as possible (Juices, sprouts, greens, herbs, salads, fermented foods)

                -Herbal teas, supplements

Cleansing and purification

It is very important to cleanse regularly:

-Teeth, tongue, nose, eyes, ears

-Dry skin brushing

-The Colon, the Liver, the Lungs, the Kidneys.

-The whole body

Fresh air and exercise

                  -More outdoors activities, more correct breathing, breathing exercises

             -More exercise will purify, cleanse and energize the physical, psychic and etheric body (Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, martial arts, Tensegrity, others sports, jogging, rapid walk, all of them have a positive effect on the body, if done regularly. 15 – 30 minutes per day is enough) –

(Yoga is the most complete, it can be done anywhere, any time, at any age, at any stage, it is done with deep breathing and it works on body-mind-spirit. It can be done in complementarily, enhancing other sports, other activities).

                -Self - Massage (all-body, reflexology (hand, foot, ears), acupressure,internal massage)

                -Life force  Management  (Self pranic healing)

Relaxation and sleep

                Sleep is the building time of the physical forces. Relaxation exercises

Positive thought and emotion (self inquiry-reflexion –practice)

-Happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm, determination and any other similar sensations produce beneficial effects on physical, psychic and etheric body. – See Good, Be Good, and Do Good. (Intention, affirmation, visualization, self-hypnosis)

             -Forgiveness, tolerance, truth , appreciation of people's qualities. Unconditional love, healing words

-Master your self and your hidden self for wellbeing and health.. Lucid dreaming

            -Awareness of our physical, psychic and etheric bodies and world

Correct, moderate life style-

             No addictions. Ecological management of our life. Create rituals of any moment of our life. Feng shui.

Meditation: preparation, invocation, prayer, visualization, and meditation -

                It is the most powerful technique. There are many ways of meditation for wellbeing, health and spirituality (for all system, tradition and religion)

Many natural tools could be used to enhance and empower natural effect of the different techniques on our physical, psychic and etheric body, such as plants, essential oils, crystals, universal energy, colors, sounds, music etc. . Promote Self –development through bibliotherapy 

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