Program will be defined jointly at the beginning  of the stay after a series of diagnostic exercices (including iridology)


6h45                     Bell

7h                         Water or Lemon tea

7h15-   8h             Yoga or Chigong  + Meditation

8h                          Breakfast: OM 1liter of orange juice+ herbal supplements

9h -      10h            Free  Option or Yoga or Chigong + Meditation  ( for non-residential)

10h -    11h            1st Treatment

11h -    12h            Basti/ shank prakshalana (abdominal massage)

12h -    13h            Free Option

13h                       Lunch: OM   vegetarian/ liquid /1lter Vegetable/fruit juice + Minerals + herbal supplements)

14h -    15h            Free Option

15h -    16h            2d Treatment

16h                         OM- !liter Vegetable juice (exple carrot/beetroot)

17h -    18h            3rd treatment

18h -    19h            Free Option

19h -    20h            Dinner- OM Broth , Soup or Rice soup

20h -    21h            Meditation

21h -    22h            Free Option


Continuous drink:: lemonade (lemon + bentonite + psillium) or water

Chlorophyll: Chlorella or spirulina



Herbal supplements: General boosting/ Liver/ Kidney/ Intestine/ lymphatic system / skin etc...)


Free Option:

            -Yoga: asana/ Pranayama(breathwork)/ deep relaxation / meditation



            -watching video


            -art therapy (drawing/painting/ceramic/writing etc...)

            -Additional Treatments



                        -Aromatherapy Massage

                        -Shiatsu Massage

                        -Ayurvedic Massage  

                        -Abdomen Massage


                        -Learning automassage

                        -Acupressure or Chromo-Crystallotherapy

                        -Salted bath

                        -Hydrotherapy (hydromassage/ inhalation/ applicationetc...)

                        -Drawing out of heavy metal- Zapper

                        -Pranic healing

                        -Psychosomatic treatment

                        -Rebalancing treatment


For one week stay: one Free day  (visit of Rome or seaside/beach/terme)




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