"  Let us go  to  the Circus of Life  
We have a great  potential! We only  use 10% of it .
Let us amplify our awareness 
And Act! " 

    I- Introduction     
                        - Bodywork:             Higher Breathing 
         Meditation:            Higher  Meditation  
  - Higher Performance   Introduction    

    II- Protection and Self-Defense      
" Psychic well-being and psychic self-defense are two sides of the same
coin, just as are physical health and resistance to disease.  
Each person (and every living thing) is surrounded by an electromagnetic force field, or AURA,  
that can provide the means to psychic self-defense and to dynamic well-being.
- Bodywork:              Cleansing and Strengthening the Aura
          Meditation:              Protection  Meditation  
      - Higher Performance    Protection and Self Defense 


III- Ayurvedic and Yogic Purification  

" If the physical body is rid of toxic substances,
 then it is possible to hold the breath for as long as you like. 
The impediments to the practice of pranayama are removed.

  one should practice meditation... 
... for the purification of the self (Atmavisuddhaye). 
 ....  in order to cleanse the mirror.  

 If the mirror is clean, then the truth is reflected without any further effort.  
 When the heart is clean, the truth is reflected without any further effort.

Purification is acquired by the regular performance of the Sat-kriyas.

  Hatha Yoga pradipika 

                   - Bodywork:                Pranayama 
                   Meditation:                The  Meditation  
                   - Higher Performance  Ayurvedic and Yogic Purifications 

 IV- Self-Diagnosis

" Before an omen arises, 
it's easy to take preventive measures.
What is still soft is easily melted;
What is still small is easily scattered.
Deal with things in their formative state;
Put things in order before they grow confused.  
[Tao Teh Ching]

                   - Bodywork:               Body Scanning  
                   Meditation:               Relaxation-Meditation  
                   - Higher Performance :    Self Diagnosis 

V-Higher Nutrition

" Nutrition is what gives us the raw materials for recuperation, energy, and growth. Without a good diet, your dreams of achieving your ideal body(ies)  will never be reached." 

                   - Bodywork:                 Shankprankshalana Exercises 
                   Meditation:                 Complete breathing - Kapalabati - Meditation  
                   - Higher Performance   Higher Nutrition    

VI- The Power of Yoga  

 "Stars do it. Sports do it. Judges in the highest courts do it. Let's do it: that yoga thing.  

A path to enlightenment that winds back 5,000 years in its native
India , yoga has suddenly become so hot, so cool, so very this minute. It's the exercise cum meditation for the new millennium .   Yoga now straddles the  world  .

Sounds great.  
as your instructor says at the end of a session: 
 the divine in me bows to the divine in you. 

But let's up the ante a bit. 
Is yoga more than the power of positive breathing? Can it, say, cure cancer? Fend off heart attacks? Rejuvenate post-menopausal women? Just as important for yoga's application by mainstream doctors, can its presumed benefits be measured by conventional medical standards? Is yoga, in other words, a science?

 By even asking those questions, we provoke a clash of two powerful cultures,
East and West, two very different ways of looking at the world.

Yoga is more holistic;  
it's interested in the integration of body, breath and mind."

TIME online edition - Posted Sunday, Apr. 15, 2001

                   - Bodywork:                   The 8 steps of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi
                   Meditation:                  Training of mind -  Meditation  - Oneness /Kindness
                   - Higher Performance :   The Power of Yoga (Dynamic yoga – Vinyasa -Yoga Mudra -Yoga with support)

VII- Astrology and our Health

" Since the Zodiacal Signs represent the   Five Elements ( Ether , Fire, Air, Earth & Water ),  
the ancient astrological savants  assigned  everything  in  the  Universe  to a planetary  ruler,    
  and considered all as the manifestation of the Elemental Five and their respective qualities  
- hot and dry, cold and dry, hot and humid , cold and humid.  
Jupiter rules "Kapha"  and  the   Sun "Pitta' ( the three humors of Ayurveda ).  
These elements were understood in a physical & metaphysical sense, as per the principle 
 " As Above, So Below ".  
Many  body  constitutions  are  defined    in Ayurveda.
The Phlegmatic ( predominance of Kapha),
the Bilious ( preponderance of Pitta ) 
& the Windy ( predominance of Vata ).

                   - Bodywork:                    The stars within 
                   - Meditation:                   Japa Meditation 
                   - Higher Performance    Astrology and our Health 


VIII- Dance and Rituals

" I have always danced.  
During adolescence to exult my sexual energies
later, during my pregnancy, I danced with my child  
in the womb with the stars
I have danced with the universe, nature, the beings, the plants, with the sounds, the light .         


The dance always was for me the means to find the divine . 
It is through the body and the movements that God comes to seek me  

                    - Bodywork:                    Free dance  
                   Meditation:                   Invocation and  Meditation 
                   - Higher Performance     Dance and  Rituals 

IX- Painting, Drawing, Writing and Meditation

"  Everybody has artistic talent and can be good at painting, drawing, writing.
You have only to tune in to the creative, intuitive and artistic side of the brain 
-the right side-
and you will be able to draw accurate and imaginative portraits, landscapes , still lifes...
(Betty Edwards-Drawing on the right side of the brain)
and it leads to meditation.
Of the various methods of Japa described in the scriptures, Mantra-writing is the most efficacious.
It helps in concentrating the mind and gradually leads to meditation."

(Swami Sivananda- Japa yoga)

                       - Bodywork:                     Handwork and  Mudra  
                       - Meditation:                    Mantra Meditation 
                       - Higher Performance     Painting, Drawing, Writing and  Meditation 

X- Psychological Treatments with Vedic Approach

   - Bodywork:                     Personality building  with Bodywork  and Massage
   Meditation:                    Visualisation and  Meditation 
   - Higher Performance :      Psychological Treatments with Vedic Approach

"  We say "I feel anxiety and fear, and that's causing stress and in particular it's causing tension in my neck and shoulder."  
 So we breathe deeply to soothe the anxiety. We review the events that led to the onset of those feelings, and in the process they lose their grip on our nervous system. We intentionally relax our shoulder and neck to prevent the stress and tension from building into a permanent condition.

Yoga and Ayurveda gives us control of ourselves. It helps cut through the layers of mis-identities that arise in response to our actions, experiences and feelings. It calms the frenzy, clears the clutter and allows us to get back in touch with ourselves.

as Patanjali, one of the great yoga sages, said:

Yogashcittavrittinirodhah (Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind).

Tada drashthuh svarupe' vasthanam (Then the true self appears.)"

XI- Unconditional Love-Oneness- Karma Yoga

- Bodywork:                     Centered within and without    
Meditation:                    Meditation 
- Higher Performance :      Unconditional Love-  Oneness- Karma Yoga  

 " Meditate and one will lose the ego and be realized


Every minute of one’s day is a sacred action of meditation,  
Union to God, an eucharistic relationship with the One.


The goal of yoga is to realize the Oneness of being.
Through the practice of compassion, one is able to see oneselves in others.
When otherness disappears, oneness is revealed


one is the embodiment of gentleness, compassion and service to humanity.


one is at this point a karma yoghi.


Karma yoga basically consists of entirely selfless service,  
in which the ego is given up to the entire desire to serve God in every thing ,  
be it man, animal or plant.


one is realized in One!  " 





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