Do we realize that at any moment of our life we can relax? Yes!!!!  With our breath


Unfortunately, the reality is that we are most of the time in tension, in accumulated tension coming from outside

(work, life, family, pollution etc…) as well as from inside  (with our thoughts!!!!, our health etc…) and we

Inspire, expire, inspire, expire, inspire, and expire

We have to learn to be aware of our tension, of their origin and of the different techniques of relaxation.

                Let us know them and use them for a playful healthy life!


1-       Breathing for relaxation
Notice that when you are in tension, your breathing becomes rapid and shallow.  In time of stress and anxiety, slow and mindful breathing, which reach deep down into the abdomen will sooth and calm.   Concentrate on the pauses. Full breathing will replenish with energy and vitality. Breathing into an area of the body that is tense or painful will relax it and ease the discomfort.

2-       Identification of tension patterns, areas and release by shaking and moving
To initiate relaxation you need to know your stress patterns and areas: to learn where and why tension forms in the muscles, joints and postures. The key tension areas are the back, the face, the jaw, the neck and shoulders, arms and hands, belly and diaphragm, hips,  the pelvis, legs and knees, feet and ankles.  Identify the origin to allow reprogrammation. Stretch, shake, move your body to release all the tensions you have observed. Focus especially on the tense areas, Breath deeply as you shake. Let go you body completely, then feel the sensation of relaxation.

3-       Contraction and release: progressive relaxation
Settle in a relaxation position, possibly in savasana. Contract inhaling, hold and release exhaling. Be aware of the sensations in the contracted muscles and in the relaxation when you let go from concentrations.

1-       Foot:  bend up toes                                                            13. upper arm (rear): straighten arm

2-       lower leg (front) : bend up foot                                           14- shoulder: raise straighten arm        

3-       lower leg (rear): point toes                                                 15- diaphragm and thorax: deep breath and hold

4-       upper leg (front): bend then straighten leg                           16- trapezius: shrug shoulders

5-       upper leg (rear): pull heel back                                          17- neck: press back head

6-       buttocks: stretch legs                                                        18- throat: press chin on to chest

7-       abdomen: tense abdominal wall                                         19- jaw: clench teeth

8-       lower back: arch spine                                                      20- lips: press lips together

9-       upper back: shoulders back and in                                    21- tongue: press teeth,  tongue against roof of mouth

10-   breasts (pectoral): hands in against thighs                          22- eyes: look right, left, up, down

11-   hand: bend up fingers , make tight fist                                23- forehead and scalp: frown

12-   Forearm: bend up hand                                                    24- thinking muscles: visualize a peaceful scene.

13-   upper arm (front): flex arm                                                 End the exercise with  3 deep breathings and light stretching

4-       Relaxation through autosuggestion, self-hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used for the deep relaxation it brings, and for feeding the unconscious mind of suggestions for better health, recovered health, or some form of self-improvement- Suggestion of heaviness encourages letting go. Suggestions of warmth in body parts are also favorable to relaxation. Keep on repeating the suggestions in an even, quiet, soothing tone: suggestions of release of tension, of limpness, of breathing deeply and calmly, of feeling peaceful, and so on.

For rapid induction:

-I am letting go and sinking in deeper relaxation

-I am aware of my breathing, I take a slow and deep breath, my breathing is calm

-My body feels heavy and relaxed

-I feel more and more relaxed and deeper and deeper asleep. Deeply asleep

-In a few moment, I will open my eyes and awaken from hypnotic sleep

-All tiredness and heaviness will have gone

-I will feel alert, relaxed and refreshed.

-Five…. Four…. Beginning to awaken

-Three…. Two…. Awakening, awakening

-One…. Nearly awake

-Zero…. Eyes open and awake.  3 deep breathings  and light stretching

5-       Massage for relaxation

The caring touch of hands relaxes and soothes away stress and tension from body and mind. It also stimulates and invigorates the physiological system, and restores energy and vitality. Self- massaging your body and pampering yourself with lotions and oils is relaxing, keeps your skin in good condition, and boosts your self-esteem. Care you body with massage strokes (tapping, pummeling and squeezing) and regularly massage the different areas you can conformably reach. Pay attention to hands and feet, which are constantly under pressure and strain, and you will find your whole body benefits. Massage instigates the process of relaxation and inner harmony

6-       Relaxation postures
the way the body is held and used has a most important effect on its health and efficiency. If the body is carried well and harmoniously balanced, muscular work will be performed with the minimum of fatigue. Poor posture, on the other hand will create tension, cramp the muscles, impose a strain on the joints and induce bad functioning of internal organs. Right posture leads to right breathing.

The key to posture control is relaxing the neck and “thinking” upward with the head, with the spine easing up from base of the head.
 Three basic postures can be observed: slumped posture, rigid posture and poised posture. Physical posture influences mental posture, just as inner posture influences outer posture.

                        Slumped posture                          rigid posture                                         poised posture

                        Apathy                                         defensiveness                                            alertness

                        Boredom                                      excitability                                                balance

                        Depression                                   hardness                                                   calmness

                        Fatigue                                         impatience                                               centering

                        Indifference                                  inflexibility                                                clarity

                        Lifelessness                                  intolerance                                               dignity

                        Slowness                                     dogmatism                                               openness

                        Weakness                                    irascibility                                                self-control

Poised posture leads to relaxation, sense of lightness, and balance.

When flexibility is lost and bad posture installed, postural regeneration is needed, working progressively on body, breathing and mind, at any stage and age.

 It is never too late.

7-       Relaxation in action
Total Relaxation is attained by means of specific relaxation, letting go from tension in particular muscles and muscles groups. Progressive relaxation is useful in applying muscular relaxation in daily activities, through recognizing and letting go unnecessary tension - in standing, sitting, lying down, walking, running, doing housework, writing, typing, driving a car, speaking, and even thinking.  Mindful and rhythmic breathing will harmonize the muscular action. Breathing rhythms are a key factor in promoting relaxed and poised living.

8-       Relaxation through yogic exercises
 Yoga positions are series of contraction and release, moved by the breathing rhythms, concentrating on the pauses. Yoga promotes relaxation, energy and vitality.  Sun salutation is a graceful combined sequence of twelve positions through which the whole body is well exercised. The alternation of stretching and extension of muscles promote the muscles relaxation and flexibility of the articulation.

Specific positions: standing bend (uttanasana), forward bend (virasana), full forward bend (pascimottanasana), plough pose, back arch (setu bandha sarvangasana), and torsions

Relaxation position: corpse pose (savasana), corpse pose on the abdomen, lateral position, child pose in virasana

9-        Meditation

Meditation is a tool to transcend the usual limitations of human consciousness and to expand to higher levels of awareness. This can be accomplished by focussing your mind, which allows you to step aside from its constant chatter. . The mind can then go beyond its normal scope into a vastness. The stillness achieved during meditation also slows down the metabolism of the body. This provides a deep state of relaxation, which has great therapeutic benefits. It rejuvenates the entire body, especially the nervous system. Some meditation concentrate on the breath, some on a sound and some on the circulation of life force   throughout the body. Just concentrate on the meditation. As thoughts  float to the  surface , let them come and go without trying to control them. Observe the flow of  your thougths. When you notice that your  attention  has wandered , gently let go of your though and  bring your awareness  back to the meditation.

You can use many  natural tools to enhance relaxation, such as :

·         Pleasant ambiance, pleasant associations

·         Music: choose a music which relaxes you

·         Sounds : vibratory sounds

·         Color: blue, violet, pink, green

·         Visualization: pleasant scenic, pleasant situation

·         Essential oils: geranium, lavender, chamomilla, rose, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, patchouli…

·         Herbs: chamomilla, hypericum, lavender, romarin, tiglio, valerian etc…

·         Water : warm bath, sauna, sweater, footbath , etc…

·         Light and adequate  diet.

·         Cleansing and purification

·         Positive thinking, laugh, smile, words

·         Reprogrammation to lucid , conscious life

·         etc…


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