When tired, very often we run to sleep, thinking that sleep will restore our energy. It is not always the case!!

Let us gain maximum relaxation and restoration from our sleeping time,

Let us use the potential of sleeping time

For wellbeing, health, creativity and spiritual development, through creative sleep.

By creatively exploring and developing our deeper lucid dream potential,

we will gain an increasingly powerful awareness of our inner self, our inner life.


Mechanism of sleep

·        3 phases of the night (before midnight (restoring), just after midnight (creativity), early morning (spiritual)

·        brain rhythms of            
            -Beta (14to28cycles/sec), waking state
            -Alpha(8to13), slower rhythm but with greater awareness, meditation, hypnosis
            -Theta(4to7) , light sleep state
            -Delta(0,5 to 3), deep sleep state

·         REM (Rapid eyed movement)

·         4 or 6 cycles of 60 to 90 minutes with light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep

·         Dream, is a fundamental and essential part of sleep,it  takes place during REM sleep

·         Function:

                        -Non REM sleep: restore and revitalize the physical function of the body

                        -REM sleep: consolidate and restore the memory, which is vital for the mental health

·         Duration: for an adult is around 8 hours.



·         Insomnia is a sign of bad functioning of the body

·         Causes: tension, stress, depression, coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


Perfect rest

Hammam or sauna. relax and reduce  stress.

Calming massage

Regular practice of exercises

Relaxation exercises (body relaxation, acutely alert mind)

A long walk in the evening always at the same time.

Take a bath, 2 hours before sleeping time

            Avoid and release tension

            Better time management

Pleasant, relaxing and calming environment

            Reduction of water intake

Reduce intake of coffee and alcohol

            Avoid heavy meal

Avoid narcotic

            Avoid anxiety, worry, anger and fear

            Deconnect yourself from the external world

            Switch on brain’s feel good mechanism

            Avoid siesta (not more than 1 hour and reduce sleep accordingly)

            Avoid sleep deficit

            Good sleeping posture

            No light, no noise


Appropriate and diversified diet     

            Help the digestive system with light and not spicy meal in the evening

            Reduce protein before sleeping

            Rich breakfast, normal lunch and light dinner

Take calming plants (chamomile, valerian, anise, oregano, mint, lavender, passionflower, etc. 

Calming foods: garlic, onion, ginger, honey, fennel, etc.


Fight against the stress to sleep better with relaxation exercises

Complete breathing

Deep breathing.



Yoga postures


Favorable environment for sleeping


            Color of wall

            Blankets and sleeping dress

Mattress and pillow






            Order and cleanness

            Calming essential oils

            Relaxing music


Creative Sleep - Lucid dream

             -setting up a dream journal

            -remembering our dreams

            -recording the dreams (quantity and quality of dream recall)

            -dream  incubation

            -dream programming

            -Lucid dream induction techniques and devices

            -altered awareness, consciousness (deep relaxation, acutely alert mind)

            -lucid dream, high lucidity, “conscious dream”

            -call for:

1.      dream therapist : access to information hidden in unconscious mind

2.     the healer within: attention toward the overall condition of the body

3.      problem solving

4.      creativity-rehearsal for success- Enhancement of waking performance

5.      spiritual guide

-shared  dreams

-extended awareness

-learn to seek  higher, deeper and potentially more profound inner experiences in dreams

-from a sense of timeless to a feeling of connectedness with the greater reality, potential for transcendence

-out-of-body experiences: physical and astral shelves seem to exist on separate planes.

            -dream level ( depending on level of inner awareness and state of subtle body)

                        1) “No “ dreams

                        2) Grayish dreams

                        3) Colorful and symbolic dreams

                        4) Magic dreams

                        5) Astral travels

                        6) Astral works


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