Self Pranic Healing


Life force – Prana - Ki. . Chi – Universal vital energy


Constitution of man - physical body (massage) –Aura (pranic healing)

                -Physical body

                -Astral  body

                -Mental body

                -Intuitional or buddhic body

                -Spiritual or atmic plane

                -Monadic plane

-Logoic plane


Source of Prana

                -Spiritual energy

                -solar prana: sun bathing, solarized water,

                -air prana. Breathing, energy centers (chakra, meridians, marma etc.)

                -ground prana. From soles of the feet

                -plants and trees, animals, persons

                -sea, mountain, spiritual location

                -healthy diet


Nadi -Meridians-chakra- Marma  (circuit-centers of vital energy)

absorb prana and distribute it to the different part of the body


Relation between aura and physical body

                Disease affects first the aura before it manifests on the physical body

                Inner aura – health aura- outer aura

                Pranic  congestion-depletion – flow of prana

                Health rays

                Scanning-Cleansing- energizing, developing


External and internal factors of diseases (source of depletion)

                -external: germs, malnutrition, toxins, pollutants etc

                -internal : mind, emotion etc


Bad energy and bioplasmic waste disposal unit (salted water)


Natural Self healing – acceleration of healing (with healer or self healer)


God is source of Energy; the healer is just a channel


Major chakra- minor chakra


Hand and finger chakra –Use of  crystal


Invocation – Prayer - Affirmation – Receptivity – regular recharge -  Thanks

·          Call for energy, for healing ( recognize a team work)

·          I , spiritually, emotionally, etherically, accept the healing energy permanently, completely, fully with great gratitude

·          Recognize the improvement

·          Thanks


Forgiveness- provoke healing


Importance of smiling, of laughing



-          Invocation of divine blessing, divine healing

-          Meditation of the twin heart (heart and crown)

-          OM meditation


Importance of color,  gems and sound


Cleansing of the environment


Cleansing of Jewelry, belongings



Basic pranic healing

I-                    Sensitizing the hands

II-                  Scanning

1- Scanning the outer aura

2- Scanning the health aura

3- Scanning the inner aura

4- Scanning of chakra ( major , minor )

III -         Sweeping or cleansing  (Thoroughness in particular during cleansing)

                                         1-general sweeping exercise: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
                              2- localized sweeping exercise: 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6 8  (on chakra, organs )

IV-                Energizing with prana:  to draw in prana and to project prana

V-                  Stabilizing the projected prana ( visualizing blue)

VI-          cutting of the etheric thread


Miraculous healing: invocative self-pranic healing


                1-invocation - call for the help of the team

                                -God, divine mother and father


                                -Spirit of the earth

                                -Invisible helpers

                                -Healing angels and ministers

                                -Higher beings

                2-vizualisation of violet light

-All body  (ball, egg)

-Affected part

3-invocation of the divine energy

-Enter in the violet egg

-Feel the violet light


Yoga postures 

                -Sun salutation

-Pranic healing exercises

-( 5 Tibetan exercises)    3 X  1st month, 5 X 2d month, 7 X  3d month, ......21 X

1-       vortice

2-       L

3-       Turtle

4-       Table

5-       Cobra-pyramid


Breathing techniques

0-       preparation : 6-3-6-3  x 5  balancing

1-       turtle breathing: 14-14-14-7

2-       complete breathing X 2

3-       triangle breathing: X 3

4-       chest breathing x3

5-       cleansing breathing  (a) x 3

6-       cleansing breathing (b) X 3

7-       rejuvenation breathing X

8-       harmonizing breathing X 3 


Series of 9 laughing (inspire -laugh) clean and energize




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