Of course it is better to be massaged by somebody else, expert or not, But you can do it also by yourself anytime, anywhere.

                Massage relaxes and soothes away stress and tension from body and mind. It also stimulates and invigorates the physiological system and restores energy and vitality. It is recommended to do it regularly for cleaning and deintoxicating the body. Working on the skin stimulates the blood circulation and the flux of lymph and contributes to eliminate more rapidly the blocks.

Preparation of the hands

Rub your hands together vigourously. This will create heat in your hands  and will  bring  the energy of your body to your palms and fingers

In the massage with  another person  there is a positive  exchange of energy between the two persons, which should be cut after the massage to avoid  interdependence.

All body massage

      Head: rub your head following the same movement as when you wash your head. You could also tap your fingertips on the scalp, quickly and rhythmically, starting at the front of the head and move over the back, then down the sides to the neck.
Then massage both ears together with delicate movements
make facial massage, moving upwards and outwards, starting from the forehead. Place the fingers of both hands on the centre of your forehead and slide them firmly towards the temples, which you will massage with circular movements.
Make with your fingertips circles from the chin to the cheekbone, from the nose to the ears. Then massage the nose delicately up and down.

       Neck, shoulders and arms: Begin the stroke from the base of the hair, knead firmly from the base of the neck outward to the top of your arm and back. Make loose fists and keeping your elbows and wrists relaxed, drum quickly the shoulders, and arms starting from the right arm then the left. You can also make circular movement with firm pressure.
Using all fingers, sweep with a firm action underneath the centre of the collarbone to your armpits. Firmly knead the arm from the wrist to shoulder, using the opposing hand. Rub with circles the elbows
After circular massage at the articulation of the hand, grasp one hand with the opposite hand and using thumb and fingers, massage the palm and back the hand with firm circular motion. Firmly squeeze each finger from base to fingertip.

     Chest and abdomen: The chest is massaged smoothly with circular movement (for women only around the breast). At the level of the sternum, sweep delicately up then down.
Place your right hand on the abdomen, stroke gently with clockwise motion. Starting from the center, Make small circular movement getting bigger and bigger till covering all the area. Repeat the same exercise with the left hand.

     Back, lowerback and buttocks: This part will be more difficult for self-massage. Begin with your hands at the top of the lowerback. then sweep them upwards  and downwards, back, lowerback and buttocks (The back could be massaged easily through the yoga self -massage)

     Thigh, leg, knee and foot: Start with the right side then the left. Place your hands on the ankle and work up to the knee, stroking firmly. Work upward to stimulate lymphatic drainage. The thigh muscle is large and dense so you can work deeply .
Place your hand one on the top of the foot and the other one on the sole of the foot. Massage smoothly from the toe to ankle, pressing firmly with your thumb, then ankle to toe. From the heal to the toe make firmly small spiral movement.
Finish the foot massage by grasping each toe and firmly massaging to its tips and massage between the toes.

Massage with oil or lotion

                Using a suitable oil or lotion enables you to glide over the skin and mould to the body’s contour. Massage lotion, easily absorbed by the skin, is particularly nourishing and good when you are applying stronger, deeper strokes.  Massage oil with essential oils has beneficial effects, on the body, mind and emotions.

                It is recommended to do self-massage every morning or every two days, before a warm shower or bath.  The massage itself requires 10 minutes and 5 minutes more for the oil to be absorbed.

              Prepare the oil by warming it slightly.  Use sesame, sweet almond, wheatgerm etc as carrier oils. Few drops of essential oil could be added.

Dry massage

              Treating the skin with a dry brush or a glove of rough silk, stimulate strongly the skin, the circulation and the metabolism. Therefore it is adequate for fatty skin, obese and slow metabolism, also when you feel that your body need an intensive stimulation, for instance during a cleansing detoxification period, convalescence or after use of medicines and antibiotics.
             10 minutes of dry massage is better in the morning, followed by 10minutes warm bath to eliminate toxins and dead cells.

Since the dry massage stimulates strongly the circulation, it should be done carefully and gradually.

Massage strokes

Smooth flowing strokes are the best way to apply oil or lotion. Your body could be relaxed, invigorate and stimulate by using hands and strokes in different ways. Deeper strokes release emotional and muscular tension.

      Tapping, pummeling and squeezing strokes can be applied. The vibration created with tapping stokes revitalizes the body.

        Pummeling invigorates by boosting the circulation towards the skin and stimulating the nerve endings.

       Squeezing strokes help restore you after a tiring day by alleviating tension from tight sore muscles.

To strengthen and enhance the effect of the massage, you can use  tools, such as  rough material,  wooden tools,  vibrating  massagers, crystals , chromopuncture etc...


The  type of massage will depend on your constitution, your mood, your strength etc....

VATA             slow and light                       15-20mn  

PITTA             moderate,                            15-20mn  

KAPHA            Vigourous                          15-30mn  


Massage of nadi, meridians , marma.

The 3 most important Nadi are located in the spine: Ida (lunar)- Sushumna- Pingala  (solar)

 There is also the possibility to massage the acupuncture points along the meridians..

                I- lung                  V, air                                           II-Large intestin        V, air

                III-Stomach          K, earth                                      IV-Spleen                K, earth

                V-Heart                P. fire                                          VI-Small Intestine     P, fire

                VII-Bladder          V, air                                          VIII-Kidney            V, air

                IX-Pericardium      K, water                                    X-Triple warmer      K, water

                XI-Gall Bladder     P, fire                                        XII-Liver                 P, fire

Massage of the organs

To be effective, you must concentrate deeply on what you are doing. The exercise should be done slowly, with total synchronizattion of your breath, mind and hand movements. It could be done sitting, lying, standing or in a specific Yoga posture, which will enhance the effect. repeat the movement 3, 6, 10 or 30 times.

                   eyes :  for liver problems, strengthening of the eyes, eyes disorders (cataracts, astigmatism, nearsightedness, glaucoma, bags or puffiness under the eyes.

                   nose :  for allergies, runny nose, blocked sinuses, strengthening of lungs

                   ear :  for good hearing, ringing and partial deafness, for  weakness of the kidneys, stimulation of the pineal  gland.

                                +tongue: opening of the heart

        + saliva:. Natural healing water,  germs killer, prevent teeth decayu, increase the digestive system’s capacity to absorb nutrients

        +lips and gum : stimulation of the meridians that supply energy to the mouth, teeth and gums

        +teeth : protect the teeth,  tighten the joints of the body and keep the teeth healthy

                   face: stimulate the skin and facial muscle, reduce the formation of wrinkles

                   thyroid:  help the metabolism to eliminate more toxins, improvement of the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

                   hands, arms and upper body : strengthen arms and hands, tone the muscles, nerves of the arms, increase the circulation of the blood, energize the heart,  lung, and heart contrictor meridians

                   lung:  for any kind of lung problem, strengtehn the entire breathing system, for full absorption of energy, strengtehn the immune system.

                   heart: heal and prevent problem and diseases, keep the heart strong and healthy,

                   breast: for degenerative problems of breast, to  keep the breast strong and healthy. To develop small breast.

                   abdomen: strengthen the intestines, colon, internal organs in the abdomen., correct constipation, diarrhea,  strengthen the spine, adjust the posture.

                   stomach:  helps stomach pain, ulcers, over-acidity, flatulòence, indigestion and stomach cancer.

                   liver:  keep the liver functioning properly in filtering toxins

                   kidney: stimulate the adrenal glands, and the kidneys. For lower back pain,. Strengthen the eyers. Keep the skin smooth and beautiful. Encourages strong sexual feelings

                   lower back:  strengthen the spine, the muscles aroubd the abdomen, vertebrae, tail bone and kidneys.

                   anal opening exposed to sunlight: in Paschimotanasana, (standing pince) wash the body on outside and inside., for hemorrhoids, polyps, cancer of colon or anus.

                   lower body and sexual glands: reverse degenerative  problems of the lower trunk, restore the youthfulness of the body. Increases the circulation to the toes, feet legs, and organs throughout the abdomen.. frees the pelvis and joints. Strenthen the nerves, stimulates the kidney, liver, spleen-pacreas meridians. Cure sexual problems, menstrual  problems

                   toe: restore the proper circulation of the muscles and tissues in the body.

                   internal organ: strengthen digestion and elimination.  


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