Daily use of tools

(essential oils, color, crystals, music, etc.)




 Within the Macrocosm, everything follows the laws of nature: Oneness, vibrational, balance, 5 elements, polarity etc. at different level of frequence, density, speed, etc.


        Chemical rays

        Light rays (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.)                                                                    SPIRIT



        Electricity                                                                                                                MIND

        Emotion                                                                                ------------->>>

        Ray (X)

        Color (red, orange,  yellow, green, blue, violet,white)                                        EMOTION

        Sound (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, do)                                            ------------>>>


        Animals                                                                                                                      BODY


        Mineral s

(according to Marlène Palmieri Michon)

Physical and subtle bodies contain similar quartz-like properties, crystalline structure and electromagnetic current.  Life force and consciousness use these proprieties to enter and stimulate the physical body.

 Like us, color, sounds, plants, animals, minerals have their own characteristic life force and properties.  The vibrational remedy ‘s life force enters the various subtle bodies, the chakra, the skin through the nadi, meridians. Through resonance, there is an attunement between crystalline properties in the physical and subtle bodies, the ethers and many vibrational remedies ( essential oils, color, crystals, and sound etc..).

 When vibrational remedies are amplified, their life force reaches the imbalanced parts of the body faster and in a more stable state. The remedies then may cleanse the aura and subtle bodies so those imbalances will no longer contribute to illness.

The healing effect of the vibrational remedies works on the different bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


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             -Characteristics of colors

-Color in dresses, cosmetics

-Color in environment (interior, garden etc.)

-Color in food

-Healing with color

·         color bath,

·         color-energized water

·         Aura, chakra healing

·         chromotherapy on acupuncture point

·         color-breathing visualizations

·         Crystal and gem healing

·         meditation

·         Etc.


Essential oils and herbs

                 -Characteristics of essential oils

                -Maintenance, storage


·         massage: 3 to 5 drops in  5ml (1tsp) of  base oil

·         skin oils and lotions: few drops in  nourishing oils, bland cream, lotion,  basic face mask, alcohol based lotion, liquid soap,  etc...

·         hot and cold compresses: 4 to 5 drops in a bowl of  hot water

·         flower waters: 20 to 30 drops to 100ml of  de-ionized water, to be left few days in the dark

·         baths , sauna, shower , sitz or hand or  footbath : 5 to 10 drops of oil to the bath water

·         vaporization, steam inhalation, on tissue or handkerchief: few drops

·         humidifiers, radiators , room spray

·         douche

·         internal use , on sugar, in cooking, in tea



                -crystals and colors

                -crystals and  mineral forming elements

    -crystalline structures and lifestyles: cubic, hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal, rhombic, monoclinic, triclinic, and amorphous

    -crystals and chakra, organs, glands

    -choosing healing crystals:

                               -choosing with visual attraction: stone of the soul/ emotions

                               -choosing with the hand: stone of the body

                               -choosing at random: stone of the spirit

                               -choosing trough a word: stone of the intellect

                               -choosing with pendulum

                -cleansing, energizing, programming


                               -wearing crystals (jewelry,  bags,  stones.  prescribed  stones etc.)

                               -laying on healing crystals


                               -in the room  ( for protection, against radiation, for light, for other specific purpose  etc..) 

                               -Gem elixirs (internal absorption, massage, environment etc..)


Sound and music


                -active musicotherapy: use of  musical instruments, voice, song etc...

                -passive musicotherapy  through listening, meditation

                -Characteristics of sounds and musics:

·         music and  imagination

·         music and  consciousness

·         music and purification

·         music and relaxation

·         music and resonance

·         music and communication

·         music and chakra, organs, glands

·         our personal music

                -effect of music on memory, dream perception, sensation, sentiment, emotion and physical body

                -choosing  the sounds , the music

·         music and sounds for relaxation, meditation

·         music and sounds for  different daily activities

·         music for  action


·         listening in relaxation ( music bath, meditation 

·         listening in action ( part of the body or all body, dancing, exercizing)

·         vocalizing, singing

·         self exploration

·         sound and music healing


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