Within an integrated and holistic approach




                Eyes and Glasses


Eyes Structure


Causes of  Eyes problems

                Tension: physical and mentaL a tensione, fisica e mentale, causa dei difetti della vista


               - through nutrition

               - though life style

o        Excess:over-working, over-eating, over-exposure to sun, too hot or too cold or too long bath,  extreme temperature.

o        Deficiency of  sleep, of rest,  of air , of sun and of exercises.

o        Over stimulation : excitant,  (tabac, tea, coffee, cacao, chocolate, salt, spices,  medecine , etc...)

o        Emotion: ear, distress, aversion, envy, jealousy, insatisfaction, excess of joy, ardent mysticism etc...

               -local causes

-bad use, over-working

                              -insufficient eyes blinking

                              -too much medecine  on eyes

                              - smoke and chemical , toxic emanation  etc

Linkages with the Eyes



             -muscles of the higher part of the back

            -the spine

-solar plexus chakra

-third eye chakra

-Meridians, acupunture points

-Foot Reflexology


Yoga sequences

                -breathing exercises

                -flexilility of the spine

                -neck Movement


                -Eyes mobility


                -blinking (12X)




                -all body

                -feet- especially between the 2d and the 3rd toe


                -higher part of the back

                -neck ( down up)









                -sunning –sunbath of eyelid shut)

 Retina and vision


- big , smaller  till one character

-up- down


-border to border


             -mentally imagining one object



                -long swinging

                -outlining the contour of an object


A different way to look at  the world

                -look from the nearest to the farest (viceversa)

                -observe the details of things


                -contemplate the horizon

                -outline the horizon

                -deep breathing


                -observe and feel the breathe

                -explore the sensation within with eyes closed.

                -listening to the sound outside and within us .

                -try to listen with only one ear

                - smell

                - touch




2nd Yoga  Sequence




Eyes Movements


Accomodation Exercises - Convergence - fusion of images .


Attention, memory and imagination


Exercises with optic illusion


Sun, light and color


Vision as mental event


Self Pranic healing for eyes



                - alkalizing and vitalizing food : vegetable rich in betacaroten , chlorophyll ),  fruits

                - reparing food

                -energising food

                - remineralising supplements



                -herbal tea for liver and kidney, digestive ,  depurative,  diuretic




sun bath,  air bath


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