The human body has  a natural healing capacity, which allows a constant. Rejuvenation. However  , doshas’ imbalance and weakened digestion  produce toxins .Therefore this natural capacity of the body is jeopardized.   Ayurveda ‘s most effective treatment for preventing the formation of toxins, ama, is  , first, awareness, education.

 Knowing the proper balance of the gunas (sattvic, rajasic, tamasic)  will spontaneously make diet and lifestyle choices that truly nourish us and maintain our health and happiness

                -sattva: creative, pure, stability, awakening, essence , light, curiosity

                -rajas: dynamic, movement, organising, initiative, organisation, implementation

                -tamas: static, inertia, ignorance, bring to completion

Too much rajas or tamas can have a negative impact on our life, producing  toxins, ama  in our body, muscles, jonts,

 However , when  the toxins are  already present in the body, Ayurveda  use Panchacharma, science of purification and rejuvenation,  to restore health, it restablishes balance among the doshas, normalizes digestion and removes the toxic accumulations of ama. It allows the body ‘s innate healing intelligence , reverses many causes of degenerative diseases and promotes a long and healthy life. However its ultimate purpose is to restore  and restablish our full conscious connection to universal source of life.

  Panchakarma  (ayurvedic) - Shat karma (yogic)

                Depending on Doshas inbalance,  series of  five or six techniques are chosen for a complete  physiological purification  .  Preparatory treatments (oil massage, internal oelation etc..) are necessary  to  prepare the body to unload stored toxins. Post- treatments (healthy diet and  lifestyle, rejuvenation therapy etc..) are fundamental to  assure the  restablishment of healthy metabolic function and immunity and to nourish, restore, strengthen and balance the newly cleansed body.  

 Helping and Stimulation of the  eliminating organs: 

                 -liver – massage ,liver flush , enzymes, herbal teas ,pranic healing etc..

                -lungs- breathing exercises,pranic healing etc...

                -kidney- massage, kidney flush ,enzymes, herbal teas, pranic healing etc...

                -Intestine-Colon (basti-enema, colema, hydrotherapy, shankprakshalana), enzymes, fiber, complete    evacuation, pranic healing etc...

                -skin-massage, dry brushing , steam, herbal teas , pranic healing etc..

 Cleansing of the  openings I

                -mouth; teeth, tongue, gums etc..

                -nose; jalaneti, vayu neti, sutra neti, nadi sodhana etc.

                -ears: with water,  ear candling , karna dhauti etc..

                -eyes: yoga of eyes, movement of eyes, palming, clinking etc..

                -uro genital,: with water, with medicated liquid, mulabandha, lift, massage etc.. 

                -anus: with water, medicated liquid, mulabandha, lift, massage etc...

 Mind control and language mastering

 Diagnosis of intoxication

 Nutrition , facilitation of digestion and drinking

 Water and hydrotherapy

                -drinking water





    -bath (all body ,feet, hand , sitting etc..)

    -herbal and medicated bath

    -steam, inhalation, sauna


 Fasting and limited diet (depending on specific needs)

                -one-day a week , two-days a week. one-week-end  , one-week, one month, forty days etc..elimination diet

                -water fast

                -liquid fast (juices, water, herbal teas , light soups etc...)

                -fruit fast

                -grape fast (four pounds a day)

                -watermelon flush (for each meal fot 3-4 or 5 days)

                -carrot-juice fast (eight ounces a day for 10-20 days)

                -chlorophyll elimination diet (liquid chlorophyll every 3hour for three –four days)  

                -Ramadan-type fasting

                -Mucusless diet



Cleansing with the breathing, Yoga posture, relaxation, meditation

                -pranayama exercises

                -yoga postures for flexibility etc...

                -Kriya yoga ( purification of mind )

                -Yoga purification exercises:

-Jala neti; nose with water

-Sutra neti: nose with  a small cord

-tongue cleansing  

-Kunjal - Vamana

- shank-prakshalana  

-Karna dhauti: ears

-Sitkari , Sitali , refreshing breathing  

-Mukta Bastrika

-Eyes exercises with palming

-Tratak with candle  

-Tratak with a black point

-Brahmari –pranayama  bee breathing  

-4 Kriya for the abdomen

-Bija mantra ( LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM,OM)


-Anunasika Dauthi pranayama ( cell purification) (alternated breathing cycle)

-Vamana dhauthi


-Nadi shodana ( purification of energetico- psychic circuit) alternated breathing cycle

-Anuloma-viloma ( deeper purification of energetico-psychic ) alternated breathing cycle with   pause

-Bhujangini mudra  - (gesture of female cobra)




-Avoid disorder, untidiness, confusion and chaos of your life (home,  office, mind etc...)

 -Time management

 -Management of  toxin generating emotions: (positive thought,  avoid co-dependence etc.)

 -Techniques of release, of forgiveness


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