I Introduction


II- Ideal weight and Under / Overweight

            -Constitution : Vata  Pitta, Kapha

            -Ideal weight chart

            -Test for flexibility

            -Test for excess fat

            -Overweight and diseases

                        -muscles: loose and weak muscles

                        -joints and bones: strained under weight of heavy bodies

                        -the cardio-vascular system:: incidence of coronary heart disease, of congestive      cardiac failure, brain infarction, high blood pressure reduced.

                        -the respiratory system: shallow and heavy breathing

                        .the digestive system: high cholesterol, degenerative diseases of the liver, intestinal  diseases etc,,,

                        -the reproductive system:extra fat affects nerves and endocrine glands

                        -the endocrine glands: obesity disrupts the proper functioning of endocrine glands

                        -the excretory system: degenerative changes in the kidney, profuse perspiration

                        -obesity and cancer

                        -psychological disorders

                        -life-expectancy reduced

            -Underweight and diseases


                        -low immune defense

                        -low blood pressure


                        -psychological disorders


III- Causes

            -genetic factors

            -lack of movement and physical exercise

            -food habits and digestive system

            -endocrine glands

            -psychological and social factors

            -metabolic disorders


IV-Key-Steps  to Health , Well being and Longevity







V- Life force management and Development of light quotient

            -life force, prana, chi, Ki, energy universal          

            -Release and Sweeping dirty prana

-look for life force

            -call for life force, call for prana: meditation , breathing exercises

            -promote flux of prana in you body

            -Release and Use of excess of life force


VI- Breathing

            - four phases breathing- empty suspension- full suspension

            -abdominal breathing

            -costal breathing

            -thoracic breathing

            -clavicular breathing

            -complete breathing

            -forcing breathing  ( alternate,  fragmented breathing, Kapalabati , Bastrika etc...)


VII- Flexibility

            - body work,

            -yoga exercises

            -endurance exercises


VIII- Self massage

            -treat  your body  like your face

            -cleansing, skin brushing



            -cleansing and nourishing mask

            -acupuncture, chiropratic


IX- Appropriate Diet facilitating digestion

            -chew the food properly

-balanced intake , life-force rich foods, mucousless food

-menu arrangement: What to eat first

-herbal teas, supplements

-daily diet plan



X- Purification

            -nose, tongue, ears


            -Panchakarma - ShatKarma



XI- Mental  Exercises -

            -Yoga discipline

            - Positive thinking

            - Visualisation- Affirmation

            -Forgiveness exercises


XII- Meditation

            - meditation on breathing

            -chakra balance

-Alignment with God


XIII-Rejuvenation - Rasayana


XIV- Regeneration - Kaya Kalpa


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