II-Understanding your Immune System

            -Role of the Immune system

            -Types of immunity

            -Test: Check the strength of your immune system


II-Causes of infection

            -Bacterial infection

            -Viral infection

            -Other infectious agents


III-Linkages with the Immune System  ( Schema)

            -Lymphatic system- lymph nodes (Immune network and forts, string immune cells)

            -Thymus gland (the master gland of the immune system)

            -Liver (produces lymph and Kupffer cells)

            -Spleen (filters the blood, destroys certain bacteria)

            -Bone marrow (Produces stem cells from which all immune cells originate)

            -Skin (the immune system's first line of defense together with mucous membranes)

            -Tonsils, adenoids (at back of nose), appendix, Peyer's patches in the intestines etc.

            -Aura , Chakra

            -Meridians, Marma


IV-The blood and blood cells: immune army against invaders

                                    -Granulocytes (phagocytic, they gobble up any foreign bacteria)

                                    -Macrophages and Monocytes (engulf invaders and clean up the body-chemical factories for production of enzymes and immune proteins)


                                                -T cells: T helper cells T4, T suppressor cells T8, Cytotoxic T cells, Lymphokine-producing T cells)

                                                -B cells: trained by the thymus gland, they destroy bacteria, cancer cells and viruses)

                                    -IgG. (In blood plasma, most active in the blood, lymph, and intestines)

                                    - IgA (in blood serum and in the mucous secretions of the respiratory, genito-urinary and gastro-intestinal tracts)

                                    - IgM (the largest and most primitive immunoglobin, important early in any immune response

                                    - IgD (high in disease of malnutrition)

-  IgE, (in allergic responses)

                        -Interferon: antiviral agent

                        -Complements: proteins which come together when stimulated to destroy unwanted bacteria

                        -Transferrin: an iron-binding protein which prevents bacterial multiplication


(Antigens are anything, which provokes an antibody response

Antibiotics are chemical force send by doctors to help combat bacterial infection-they are not made by the body)

V- Children's Immune system


VI-The Immune-Boosting Diet

            -food- Appropriate and diversified diet -Mucusless healing diet


            -Nutrients , minerals: Iron, zinc, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium

            -Vitamins: A, B,C, E

            -Herbs , Anti oxidants

            -Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) Lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria




VII- Yoga and your Immune system


            -Improved lung capacity


            -Strength and tone


VIII- Self massage

            -general massage

            -specific massage


IX- Purification and Cleansing

            -general purification

            -specific purification


X- Pranic Healing and Immune System


XI- Sun and Light


XII- Positive thinking

            -Mastering your emotions for Superimmunity

            -Importance of words


XIII- Visualization and meditation


XIV- Vibrational Tools: Essential oils, crystals, music and sound




XVI-Stop the immune suppressors

            -Avoid stimulants: cigarettes, coffee and tea

            -Avoid sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates

            -Avoid processed and canned foods

            -stop frequent use of antibiotics and medecines

            -Cut down alcohol

            -Get enough sleep

            -stop negativity, depression


XVII- Conclusion: Immune System and  major diseases( cold,  Allergy, AIDS, Cancer , autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes etc..)


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