I – Introduction


II- Heart- Blood pumping- Circulatory functions

Very complex involving all organs, all  bodies ( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies)


III- Physical Mysfunctioning : blood and cardiovascular system

            -High blood pressure




            -Heart  pain, Weak heart, Congestive Heart failure

            -Heart attack


            - Coronoary artery disease

            -haemorrhage –brain haemorrhage

            -varicose veins. haemorrhoids



IV- Causes :

            - defective state of the heart and the arteries - degeneracy of the  tissues

            -hardening of the arteries by toxins - cholesterol

            -thickening of the blood

            -bad elimination ( lungs, liver, skin, kidney etc..)-Toxemia

            -bad and excessive nutrition and habits

            -lack of exercises

            -too much dresses- tight shoes


            -mental factor (anxiety, strong emotions, jealousy, rancour, mental thinking over

            -bad and excessive medicines and drugs (anticoagulants, hypotenseurs, vasodilatateurs etc..)

            -non adequate surgery


V- Ayurvedic approach (holistic)
            -7 dhatus ( Rasa (plasma),  Rakta (formed blood cells), Mamsa (muscle)

                        Meda ( fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (bone marrow and nervous tissues)
                        Sukra ( reproductive tissues))

            -Mala:  Sweat, urine and faeces. (wastes)

            - VPK dosha

            -Heart and VPK

            -Evolution of diseases

VI- Integrated remedies:

-purification; to eliminates toxins from the blood and tissues

-hydrotherapy (all body, feet, arm ), alternating  warm/cold

-appropriate diet:

            -purifying diet: greens, raw carrots, lemon, orange, pamplemousse,

            -reduction of liquid (water, drinks, soups), to reduce the work of the heart

            -elimination of fatty, processed , exciting foods, salt

                                    -absolute suppression of tobacco

                                    -diversified, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables

                                    -vitamins E, C, B, D,



                        -herbal tea - Cinese tea

                        -progressive fasting

                        -physical exercises: walking, swimming, cycling, yoga

                        -breathing exercises, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation

                        -massage- soft towards the heart


                        -fresh air

                        -dry climat


                        -emotional balance


VII- Flexibility and Progressive Endurance

            -flexibility ( exercises  and massages)

            -Progressive endurance

            -bandha ( Jaladharabandha, Uddyanabandha, Muladharabandha)


VIII-Reeducation cardio- pulmonaire

            -thoracic, cardiac and circulatory release

            -Release of the shoulders

            -flexibility of the spine


IX- Meridians and acupressure

            -Yoga, Qi kong

            -Shiatsu, micromassage

            - Link  between Heart and Mouth- tongue

            -Link  with Small Intestine

            -Link with Lungs and large Intestine

            -Pericardium and the Triple heater


X-Control of emotions and psychological tensions

-Development of Self-Esteem


XI- Forgiveness -

            -3 F ( Fly-Fight-Forgive)

            -Mind mapping

            -Recognize the feelings and evaluate how upset you are

            -Avoid taking action until reflection and full control  of actions

            -Identify the true cause

            -Recognize  self responsability

            -Evaluate legitimate basis

            -Confrontation and Information


                        -establish limits with consequences

                        -Pass over the issue

            -Forgive and forget

call for help (advise, prayers etc..) at any stage, if necessary


XII- Unconditional Love


XII- Service


XIV- Meditation-

            -Artist’s way of living (hand + mind  + heart)

            -specific meditations

XV- Opening of the Heart



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