within an integrated holistic approach


!- Introduction to Yoga and Personality building (1st lesson)

            - 8 steps of Yoga (2)

                        1) Yama- Non violence

                        2) Niyama- Discipline

                        3) Asana- yoga postures

                        4) Pranayama- Breathing

                        5)-Pratyahara Withdrawing of senses

                        6) Dharana-Concentration

                        7) Dhyana- Meditation

                        8) Samadhi- Contemplation

            - Sub conscious- Conscious Super-conscious (3) 

            - Constitution of Man (4)

II- Principles of right living

            Yama: (intellectually, verbally, physically) (5)







            Niyama (6)

                        -cleanliness of mind and body


                        -fervour of the self

                        -study of the Self

                        -surrender to God (thoughts and actions)


III- Rebalancing Body mind and Spirit

            -Yoga and body mind centering (7)

            -The way of harmony (8)


IV- Grounding

            -Ground, the breath and the spine (9)

            -Speaking with both feet on the ground (10)



V- Live in the moment (11)

            - Focusing Listening to the deeper self (12)

            -The still small voice within (13)


VI- Minding the Body, Mending the mind and spirit (14)

            -Forgiveness (15)


VII- Self Esteem (16)

VII - Following your Heart (17)


 VIII - Cultivating love to  unconditional love(18)


IX- Awakening the spiritual within (19)




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